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Help me gauge the interest!

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As came up in the request for a PSG forum, I mentioned that a future project will be to set up more forums the way the Italian or Englsih ones are, with the teams listed and visible. What I need to take to Jan, our site owner, is a list of teams and is the interest enough to warrant such a change. So...if you'd be so kind as to discuss this, come up with names...PM me...keep me posted.
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Ok Debs, here's the story, we already have a Dutch forum and an Ajax forum that are doing very well, now we're pleading for a Feyenoord forum, the support is there, the official thread is booming and before that there was a 141 post thread surrounding Feyenoord that our dear friend Krijn, not by his fault, managed to delete :D.

The Dutch league is a very respected league in Europe, just look at the UEFA-Cup final this year and performances of other Dutch teams like PSV and Roda and you'll see there's plenty to discuss, so we're officially asking for a Feyenoord forum, which would I believe be enough to create a Dutch section, like for example the Turks and Portuguese have.

As for moderator of the Feyenoord forum, I nominate Sennafan, he's been here for a while, he's a respected poster and he'll do a fine job. If u decide to take on more than one mod, I'm also available but I think one is enough for starters.

About the description for the forum, we'll have to think of something, but first I would like to know if we now have enough credit to get that Feyenoord forum.

Thanks in advance.
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Like I said in the Feyenoord-thread, I also nominate Sennafan for the Forum Manager-job.
But I'm not sure yet if he's interested, so Sennafan are you?

I'm very much looking forward to a Feyenoord forum, but the mod thing doesn't appeal to me directly to be completely honest with you, so if Drulic wants the job that's fine by me. If more are needed I'm available.

How's that for a solution, can you live with that Drulic?
Well, you don't need to do anything you're not doing already. Difference is that as a FM you have the ability to delete things you don't like and the Admins actually listen to you better than they used to do :)
Sennafan, it's not a difficult job, and I'm sure you'd do well, it's basically having some extra rights, like posting polls, making threads stick etc, and the most important part, keeping the forum active and clean.

So I think you should reconsider, and whenever you need help you can contact me or any other Dutch FM and I'm sure they'll all help out.

If you're still not sure, I could start out with you as co-mod and stay on till you get the hang of things, let me know what you think about this. :)
as a Forum-Manager of a rather small club (like Feyenoord and Ajax) you won't have too many difficult tasks. There won't be much unfriendly rivalry ( :angel::lala: ) and things stay clean most of the time. As a Forum-Manager of bigger clubs (like Barcelona and Real Madrid) you'll have much more to do since rookies keep posting flame-threads and stuff.
I think you would do a good job too :)
OK, let's try then:)
you wanna try it alone or with Drulic?
if Drulic would help me get underway it 'd be nice. Then he can always decide if he wants out.

How about it Drulic?
Sure, I'm always willing to help out, so now we've decided on that we need a forum description, I just talked to a CM and it seems we're going to get our Feyenoord forum.

How's about:

Here you can discuss Feyenoord, traditionally one of Hollands' top 3 teams, having won 14 titles, 2 european and one world cup.

Give me your suggestions as well. :)

PS Sennafan, enable the PM option in our user profile options, cause you'll be sent a PM by management to get the FM rules. :)
Thx Drulic:)

I changed my profiles, it should work now.

Maybe we can add: 10 national cups ??

The two national supercups are not important in my view.
Ok cool, I've been told a topic has been made in the CM forum, so we can expect something to happen anyday now.

And here's the description:

Here you can discuss Feyenoord, traditionally one of Hollands' top 3 teams, having won 14 titles, 10 cups, 2 European and one World cup

If anyone has another suggestion, please let us know.

Now all we can do is wait....:)
OK PLEASE be patient! The purpose of the topic was to gauge interest and see what teams we'd need to have represented.

Unless I am missing something I don't think creating the kind of forum I'm talking about is something I can do, so Jan will have to do it. I've approached him with the idea, we'll see what happens.

I've also been talking to a guy who might do some designing for us...
Did I already mention FM's get the chance to go on a date with Debs once a year? :eek:
How are we we supposed to get to Planet Milan? By space-ship?
sennafan, I think your partnership with Drulic as Feyenoord-FM's can't be done. Drulic has some troubles with the CM's and is stripped from his status as Forum Manager.
Yep I sent sennafan a Pm last night, I'm sorry guys, hope u don;t mind but I had to stand up for what I believe in. :)

And Kluivert, I quit :D :cool:
Sennafan are you also an regular user of feyenoord.messagebase.nl if your answer is yes please e-mail your FMB name to me. Or an private message.

I definatly think Feyenoord deservers an forum for it self. The UEFA cup winners of 2002 got to have an forum of their self.

(and yes I'm an Feyenoord fan , just a little (spend to much money on away games ;))
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