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:D Lastly I decided to say a bit on this forum. Well... Debs, Amo (?! Haha... it's easier than your real name anyway!) and the others (hello Marten, are you here too?): a big HELLO from somewhere in Munich!! ;)

I don't think I can really take part in the discussions, as I have no chance to watch any Parma games on TV before September!! :(

I hope I can keep informed here. :) Please post more meaningful messages (I believe you do), so that I can know more about my beloved team! :)

Forza Parma! :D


Forza Parma!

Shanie Yau
[email protected] http://i.am/shanie/

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Hi!!! and welcome... :)

No Parma games since September? OUCH!

Well,what do you want to know? :)

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
Sigh... :( No Footy at home is one of the things I have to give up for having a year of "adventure" in Europe...
Yeah, my adventure is still good, even I still don't know when I can go to Tardini in person, and where I will live after 20th April. I still have a big accomodation problem in Munich... :(
I just hope to see Parma win a game. The draw with Torino didn't seem to be nice. :(

Maybe I should be more optimistic... :) We're now at the 4th place in Serie A. It isn't bad at all for a team without some important players... like Boghossian (yes, I'm also a big fan of him)... when will I see you on the pitch again, Alain? :(
Hi Shanie! Welcome to a little bit of Parma Paradise on the Web. We have lots of fun here, don't we gang? :)
Pretty damn quiet lately though Debs... :(

Gialloblu,Thuram1 where are you????

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
...waiting for something interesting to happen... ;)
Dear Parma mates ( I know this is not my business at all - Just an idea to liven up the forum )

If you all wait for something exciting to happen or for someone else to start something exciting then nothing will happen forever... :)

Note: Now that it is really tight for the 3rd place, do you think parma are going to make it to the CL ??

My priorities but not expectations will be :
then anything but AC milan..


Ac Milan :( :(

Hope I am wrong

Sabry, Benfica
Del Piero, Juve
Forza Juve
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:mad: It's MY old thread to say hello to every Parma fans here! :scream:

Would someone please stop bringing up some old threads? I started this one, for example, when I first joined Xtratime more than 2 years ago. :rolleyes:

Get lost, would you? :fero:

Or would someone please BAN such stupid :ass:-holes immediately?!
Well it seems like someone/s are spreading all the forums with quality posts. :rolleyes:
Mature is not the word that springs to mind. :yawn:
Hi Shanie!

Remember my photos with Valeron and Vastic? I have new ones with some 1860 Munich-Players :)
Where are they, Djet? ;)

Is Davor Suker also in any one of them?! :angel:
Mmmh, maybe Suker preferred the World Cup preperation to the match against our team :D :D :D

I have 3 photos:

1) with Agostino and Tyce
2) with Stranzl, Pürk and Cerny
3) with Weissenberger and Max
hehe.......this is so fu4king funny..:D
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