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As expected:

Issa Hayatou has been retained as president of the Confederation of African Football.

At the Caf Congress in Tunis, the 57-year-old Cameroonian won a landslide victory against challenger Ismail Bhamjee of Botswana.

Hayatou won by 46 votes to 6, and will now serve a fifth term of office.

The result was announced by Somalia's Farah Addo, a current Caf vice-president.

"Thank you for re-electing me," Hayatou said shortly after his victory.

"I am at your full disposal to serve African football.

"African football should be managed for Africa by Africans.

"Only by working together can we best defend African football - and now on to football!" Hayatou added in reference to the Cup of Nations which starts in Tunisia on Saturday.

Hayatou also took time to assure Ismail Bhamjee of his long-lasting friendship.

Hayatou was first elected Caf president in 1988.

The presidency was just one of many elections taking place.

Former African Footballer of the Year, Abedi Pele, failed in his bid to get elected to the Caf Executive Committee.

The incumbent for the Zone West B area, Dr Amos Adamu, won the contest by 32 votes to 20.

The president of the Algerian Football Federation, Mohamed Raouraoua, has also been elected to the Caf Executive Committee.


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Well, that ain't surprising. I was kind of hoping for someone new to head African football you know, someone to inject some "fresche fresche" ideas ( I leaned some Italian today ;)). Not to take anything away from Monsieur Hayatou, he's done great things for African football in his past tenures, like lobbying to get more places in the World cup, but I felt it was sort of time for a change.

Guess those who matter didn't think so. I wish Hayatou the best. There's a lot of work he's got to do to improve African football, at least on an administrative level.
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