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Have Cuper & Del Neri changed Serie A?

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Chievo is experiencing a new re-birth and are fighting for a CL spot. Their coach plays a similar approach to Inter - he throws his best men on the field and lets them run and gun. I hope Cuper and Del Neri have changed the approach to calcio this year in Serie A. Cuper has set aside other's strategies and has played Dalmat, Recoba, Vieri, Seedorf, Conceciao and now R9 together, dismissing the old school's notion that "they can't all play well together." The man lets it roll, ala Real Madrid style. He relies on the skill of his players, not tactics or formations. Players can be seen in multiple positions at once during the course of a match. Del Neri, too, has adopted a brilliant offensive scheme where his amazing midfield of Corini, Perrotta, Manfredini and Eriberto are constantly pushing and feeding their two hungry strikers, especially Corradi. Lupatelli has been solid in goal, too. Lecce scores twice? No prob, we'll score 3 times. Have you noticed that many of Chievo's goals are amazing team efforts, followed by clean, clean finishing. These are examples for the other burnt out coaches to follow, and I hope they will. SCREW TACTICS. :mad:
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Both teams employ very offensive tactics but will this be enough for Inter to win the scudetto and for Chievo to earn that 4th CL place? I have my serious doubts.
Well is inter tops of the seria a...after being a 5-6th place team for the last 3 years


and chievo well they just came from seria b and are vyviying for Cl spot much more then i can say for the star power and "TACTICS" of zac's lazio, carlo's milan, and lippi's pathetic juve. (that wants the scudetto but cant beat a ****ty milan w/out help from a donkey)

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