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Have anyone here played pro football??

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I once played against Carew ( Who is going to play for Valencia next season, they bought him for £7mill. ) My team used to play in Norweigan third division, and we met his former team, he was 17 years old. I tought that he was crap back then , and I still do. That year my team was promoted while he went to Norweigan premier division. We were also once in Italy. just to play some friendlies, ( Our "president" is from Italy ). We played against Borgosessia ( I think ) , and a player named Oddo were there. he said that he had played for Juventus junior team for a season. And once I played against a player named Diallo, ( He is Senegalese national team player ) , he plays now in Major Leauge Socer in the US. In the same match I also played against a player called Bjarmann, he have over 200 apps. in the Norweigan premiership.
So have anyone of you played against any "Big" name players??
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Uhm, I once played against Theo Janssen, he plays for Vitesse (Dutch team).

Does this count?
i've played against U-16 national players from all around asia and only a few united States U-17 national players, i dont really know their names because we just pay attention to their numbers.

Does that count?
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