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hasselbaink is a chelsea player

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its now confirmed that jf hasselbaink is back in england to play for chelsea,he will sign the deal tommorow said atletico madrid president.
what do you think!!!!!
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About Sutton, there are some rumours, that CFC will sue him for a £10mill, plus fans for a £20 mill for mental damages plus £1mill for every goal he didn't score.
Maybe MetroStars wants him?
I think it's an improvement compared to Weah and Zola. I would still like Salas to come but that seems very unlikely. Oh well I'm happy with Jimmy Floyd.

Now our forwards are going to be Flo and Hasselbiank... I'm looking forward to lots of goals.
D*mn it Nick, you beat me to it!!! :p

MADRID (Reuters)(DS) - Relegated Atletico Madrid have agreed a $20.83 million (13.92 million pound) deal to sell Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink to premier league club Chelsea, the Spanish club has confirmed. Atletico vice-president Miguel Angel Gil told Spanish state television the club would receive 3,700 million pesetas for the Dutch international striker. "Hasselbaink will move to Chelsea," Gil said. "All that remains is for the clubs to exchange faxes and for the signing to be ratified by the premier league."

The player will also have to finalise personal terms with Chelsea, who have been leading the
race for his signature since Atletico were relegated from the Spanish first division earlier this month.

Hasslebaink, who arrived from Leeds United in the summer of 1999, was the one success
story for Atletico in their relegation season.
The Dutchman scored 24 league goals for the Spanish club -- exactly half their total for the whole team.


Does this mean we may score some goals next year?? Heaven forbid!!

:) :) :)

To EclipsE: You THINK it's an improvement!! What does it take to get you going??? Adrenalin straight to the heart I'll bet...
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I wanted him to go to PSV, but Chelsea is okay I suppose. Let's see if can keep up the trend of scoring at least 20 goals per season.

What's the deal with Sutton?, now there's definitely no room for this guy.
I just hope that he won't be another Casiraghi or Sutton.
LOL Thuram1. I have been talking too much with Dutch fans about how much Hasselbiank really sucks for his national team. Maybe that's why I am a bit pessimistic.

And yes, let's hope he doesn't become our next Sutton like kat said.
wat the hell?????????

LOL Kat! Just tell me how you know who the Metrostars are AND how you know that they stink. I have to say that, while still reasonably smelly, they are improving. ;)

kat,you can't blame casiraghi he was been injured all the time,he was a really good player before that,sutton was a big flop
and i think he and weah is gonna leave this summer.
jf hasselbaink is great he played in one of the worst teams in spain this year and became the topscorer,very impressing...
Well, last I heard Sutton was in Florida and I thought that it would be nice idea him to stay there, but I couldn't remember any team names and Metrostars is only name I know because of Matthaus. Have know idea how good/ bad they are.Nick, didn't ex swedish goalie, Ravell?or something play for one Miami football team?
I don't blame Casiraghi, I loved the man and I had such a big expectations, and nothing good happend, I guess I am a bit superstitios, our recent history of stikers has been really unhappy, that's all.

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ravelli did play in usa,the reason was that he was very old a wanted to try something new
mostly of the europeans in usa are old stars.
i can't say that the league is that bad,but europeans on national level will never go to usa,no matter what....
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