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Hasselbaink instead of Rivaldo

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Regarding the expensive price of getting Rivaldo, why don't we get Jimmy Floyd Hassesbaink. He is very productive in scoring.And i don't think he costs very expensive. d'you agree ?????????????
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Give Cragnotti a call! :)

And re-think your last sentence!
The idea is so good, it could have been mine.. :)
Hasselbaink is definetly available, but I know nothing about his contract..is his contract at Atleti also valid for the 2nd league?? Otherwise he could be free...

Futbol de America Latina:
The agreement was that he was free to leave if Atletico Madrid would degrade, but I'll tell you, he aint cheap!
But Gil Y Gil, the president of Atletico, only wants Hasselbaink to leave on a loan, so that if Atletico will play at the highest level again after next year, that he will join Atletico again.

Adriaan, am I right??
Yes maybe you´re right- I heard the same thing. If it´s true it´s more likely he will go to a spanish club. Valencia are interested.

Forza Lazio
28m$ is the pruce-tag of HasselGoallllllllll
he will go to Valencia and Claudio"Piojo"Lopez goes to Lazio
You mean- they have loaned him from Atletico!! I mean, why would Valencia want to loan him to another club????
Yes, micheal Gil y Gil wants to loan him out to a not so big club like PSV or Tottenham.
But i think if Valencia will want him they will buy him, they recently made a offer but Gil y Gil wanted more money.
Valencia already bought Carew so he is not really needed.
Gil y Gil bought him for 30.000.000 $US.

It's almost for sure that he will play in Valencia next year with Ilie and Carew ( damn! that's good)

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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