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Has Emerson officially joined Roma yet?

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I have heard that Emerson is due to join us next week after the Brazil v Argentina game but there is still no official announcement. Is he on is way? I think Emerson is a superb signing for Roma - he can play both as a defensive and attacking midfielder.
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Done Deal......

It looks like he will be presented after the game between Brazil and Argentina.HE is ours,and its just a matter of a week before he gets presented.Capello is already calling him a the best midfielder in the world right now.I'm excited just to see him play,i've only really seen clips of him.But a huge buy for Roma!!
Forza Sensi!
I read that Aldair had been speaking to Emerson and was confident the deal was about to be complete - at last. Fingers crossed. It looks like Panucci will be at Roma next season either as a loan or if we buy him outright. Also Balbo will be staying at Fiorentina after all.

What makes it so good is that not only is Emerson a wonderful player but that he said from the start that it was Roma that he wanted to join. He wanted to part of Roma before we made the signing of Bati, and that makes him doubly special.

I'm thrilled that Totti is signing a new long term contract - he and Bati will make an awesome combination.

Roma has the players - we just have to get our attitude right - to be champions you have to have the correct mentality - and who better to install that in the players but Capello.
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Emerson has officially joined Roma according to Capello he said so.
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