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First, of all congrats to you and me as we have been appointed forum moderators! :)

With regards to Aimar, below, I am posting part of the description that I previously wrote for a British web site.

A team mate and close friend of Saviola at River Plate, Aimar is a fantastically talented attacking midfielder or play-maker with superb dribbling skills. A very fine passer of the ball, perhaps Aimar’s greatest gift is his vision and effortless skill in where it is almost impossible to dispossess the ball from his skillful feet. Countless goal scoring opportunities have emerged from his inventive mind. He has also been the author of some great goals. Seems, to read the game very well this is complimented by a good work rate.
Has been compared to being a finer version of Ariel Ortega.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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