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Hardline security measures in place

Mayor of Istanbul Muammer Güler has firmly stated that no football match will commence before full security has been established.
Following a meeting including officials from clubs and associations, Güler made a statement to the media, saying that meetings will take place on the morning of each game and "if security is not adequate, games will not be played".

He added that bulk ticket sales will not be made and it will be obligatory to keep tickets until the end of the game. "Tickets will also not be given to supporters associations. We think that clubs will stick to these rules, that is what we expect of them.

"We`ve found that the technical equipment of stadium`s are not sufficient. Camera systems that will enable faces to be recognises will be installed and detectors will be fitted on gates. Attention will be paid to outside barriers."

Meanwhile Turkish Football Federation Deputy President Şekip Mosturoğlu said that "hard precautions unseen across Europe" will "unfortunately" be implemented in Turkey.

He said: "Police precautions have been increased, but they will be temporary. Pre-match meetings will involve every issue surrounding the game. The forces of each city will have certain security requests, which, if unfulfilled, will mean that the game will be postponed."

Answering a question surrounding the death of Cihat Aktaş last Sunday at half time of the Beşiktaş-Çaykur Rizespor game, Mosturoğlu said Beşiktaş has only been punished as the host team and are not "the only responsible side".


Dont know if this is enough to stop the violence but at least it's a small in that direction!
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