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i want to say hardlek for juveeee and his fans. if juve plays with lazio a match to whom who will take the league sure juve will win.
but juve must think for good strikers like batistuta and vieri and sur for good wings like gigs or overmars or figo.
and the biggest fault this season was selling peruzi and buying van der sar.
the best defend in the league doesn't mean that we have good goalkeeper but because we have the best defenders in the world.
good luck in the next season.

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agree n disagree
I dun think Juve will win against Lazio.
Lazio have a better form towards the finale of the season.

We do need quality players.
Let's see wht's Moggi's action

I'm very bias against tht 'fantastic' GK.
Van Der Star See Stars Van Der Star See Stars
Van Der Star See Stars Van Der Star See Stars

Again I apologize for abusing tht 'fantastic' Gk through I really enjoy insulting him. sorrie star fans
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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