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Have a fúcking good new year. 2008 have been the worst in the history of Parma. But i wishes all of us true and loyal fans a great 2009.

We could list some good and bad moments in this thread.

Best moment... When we was 2-1 up against Inter with 5 min to go.

Worst moment... When we lost the lead and i went crazy and fractured my hand when i knocked a chair at work. And the following headahce.

Worst player of 2008... Reginaldo, Couto and Falcone.

The biggest looser... Hector Cuper. Earlier he had the status likes Mourinho and others. Now he is just a big fúcking dummy who have lost all of his touch.

Waist of talent... Morfeo and Gasbarroni. Morfeo have retired, just 32 years old. He could be one of the greatest in his generation. Ended up as a fat joke on the bench. But i still love u mimmo.

Gasbarroni went out partying after some heavy defeats and was chased after the defeat against Inter in the last game.
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