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Hapoel TA will try to save their season...

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....In their completion game in the Cup 1/8 finals away to Hapoel Petah Tikva. So far it doesn't work though, Petah Tikva 1:0 up thanks to Yosi Rosen's goal on 17th minutes!
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Asi Domb is missing in Hapoel's lineup due to a death of a family member.
HPTs advantage in the first half was justified as they were better
Yossi Rosen kicked to the crossbar right before the half time whistle
Klachencko shots the ball and misses....
PT is still better.

:eek: :cool: :dazed: :depress: :devil: :angel: :mad: :eek: :tongue: ;) :)
Another shopt, Kakun tries and almost scores pet's 2nd
Full Time! :)

Hapoel lost 1:0, they'e out of the State Cup and will finish the season empy handed unless you consider the Toto Cup to be a real competition... ;)

Hapoel will face Mac. Petah Tikva in the quarters in a week time.
That's just about sums up our season. Started and ended pretty much the same way, just the middle was great, too bad it didn't stay all the way.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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