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Hapoel fans how u summries you season?

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I think your season ended today because i pretty shure that Haifa will be the champions.

So do you dissapointed that haven't won any thing or please with the good season in Europe?
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This season could have been something for Hapoel. I think that they won't be able to manage what they did this season. They went from low to high and then manage to pick up alot of publicity in israel as well as in the international foreground! What they did in europe was amazing, but in the end they didn't even try to put up a fight. The game with AC MIlan was just regrettable. They had it, all they needed was to secure a tie....Scoring on an own net, in such a difficult game like that is unacceptable in my standards and i think that next season hapoel will not have the same 'luxurious' opprotunities as they did this year. Remember, Bachar is out of the team and soon is Milan Ostrec, and Ostrec was a heavy scorer for them. If Hapoel manages to get a new an better player than Milan, i like to see :)
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I'm pleased with most of the season, but quite unfortunately we choked when it came to the important moments... What can I say? Toda lach Hapoel al haona haniflaa.
Let's hope for next season to be better.
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