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Hakun in Fener next year?

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I just read on www.onefootball.com that Hakan Sakur who i highly love and highly rate as a fantastic player from Inter and now Parma, might make a trip back home to TURKEY and play for Fenerbahce, cause he is on there Wish-list.

How do you guys see this? :)

I respect the guy and think he has potential! he is a spoiled player, but when he wants to play he can. Coach Cupper of Inter never budged to give him a chance in playing :(
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I can't believe that Hakan will come to Fener until I see him in a jersey:D

He was a very good striker, but he requires other players to constantly pass him the ball to get good shots on goal.
He can't create as much on his own as other strikers.

For that reason, I would prefer Washington over Hakan. However, if we cannot land him, Hakan could prove to be a useful player in Europe. I remember he scored maybe 10 goals in European cups in Gala's great season.
somehow i get the notation that Hakan knows alot of Galas' strategys which is cool.

Like revivo, when he used to play in Israel...it would be an asset for us to have him play against Spain, since Revivo had played in there sort of liga's and knows there attitude!

For one thing, i can tell you....is that Spain doesn't really get into the game until 15 minutes in! :) those 15 minutes can mean 15 goals! :)

but in the last game we had with Spain we tied 1-1, and there goal was a cheap ass one! :) one of the greatest achievements Israel made in Road to WC 2002! :)

As for now, Revivo might know how to handle the Turkish....and if we would have played you guys for WC qualif, we would have lynched you, having known how much knowledge and backround REVIVO has on you guys :) heheheheheheehe

Same thing goes to HAKAN! He might be aggressive when it comes to the offense! Many coaches see that as an asset!

Where is Washington guy from anyways?
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Washington is a 26-year old Brazilian, who plays in the the Brazilian league.

He is a top alternate on their NT, so if one of their top strikers get injured, he will be playing in Japan and South Korea this summer:cool:
But does this Washington guy be able to travel?

I know that he is no substitution, but is offically one of the teammates?????? How many caps does he have with Brazil? do they let him play even??? when Brazil plays ****ty teams like Cuba or Kuwait?
Hakan has denied all rumors of coming to fener next season. He has said Fener offered him a contract, but he wants to remain at Parma. It looks like Fener has lost interest in Washington, because he got low rating on the scout report. But if Fener gets Ortega, I think that'll be the best transfer to Turkey in a long time, probably since Hagi.
what the hell?!?!?! :(

No Washington!!

No Sukur?!?!?!? :(

No one likes SUKUR in Parma, everyone likes in TURKIA :(

this sucks!


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Hakan would never come to Fener, and to be honest I wouldn't want him...He is a Galatasaray legend. Its like seeing Rustu in a Gala jersey, it just can't happen :)

I like the Ortega rumour though. He is a world class attacker :eek:
These days it seems you have to pay about $50m for a world class attacking midfielder, so £7m is a bargain :strong:
I would want to see him, because he is good and he can be good when he wants to be. He is a spoiled player, but so what. He got alot of potentials and i think that Fener can suite him very well...He knows all the techniques of GALA and that can help us big time next season in UEFA and in the Super Leauge.

In Israel, each soccer club took it as an advantage to have such a supreme player. One might say else, but they make things better in terms of knowledge and skills :D
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