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Hajduk's new coach

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personaly i would go for Bilic to stay or for Ciro to come
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well Ciro isnt coming... I would like either Bilic or Vulic, both would do fine by me
"Njih su šestorica, zajedno sa Šurjakom, prevladali, pobijedili i "vatreni" su odluèili na uzmak. No, teško je vjerovati da su se predali, tek sada poèinje ona prava bitka, do kraja. "

well, its better for them to start fighting now than when the new season starts I guess...:mad:
well of course.. Vatreni want to rule as well, obviously if you want to do something, you would rather be one that makes decisions, especially if you are shelling out money from your own pocket... I dont see anything wrong there... problem is that Mamic and Zubak are too similar to be able to play together
JureM said:
Well I have a name to throw out...I know this guy coaches the U-17 National team and is responsible for Croatia's Junior program, but, how about Hajduk offering the coaching job to Ivan Gudelj??
why would you do something like that? u dont like Vulic? Bilic? Katalinic?
who knows, Vatreni didnt really give any statement on what happened since Stimac was away, they just said that they were tired and that they want to rest from this

I wouldnt trust anyone but Slobodna Dalmacija when it comes out with the details, after Stimac comes back
btw Dinamo - I think Vulic is the man as well... I like his attacking style of play, but I would also like vatreni to stay since only they can keep the current players and get new ones
well, Vulic is officially the coach no matter what happens next... apperantly Vatreni dont have anything against him, it was more the way it was done (Stimac was away, etc) and their disagreements during the whole year... I suspect that we will hear more once Stimac is back
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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