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Hajduk = Sliskovic & Dinamo = Blazevic?

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Èelnici Hajduka iskoristili su prijateljsku utakmicu protiv reprezentacije BiH kako bi obavili razgovore s bosanskohercegovaèkim izbornikom Blažom Sliškoviæem oko trenerskog mjesta u splitskom klubu. Sliškoviæ je prošlog ljeta veæ bio kandidat da sjedne na klupu bivšeg kluba u kojem je proveo najljepše igraèke dane, a pored njega kao preostali kandidati spominju se Zoran Vuliæ, Ivan Kataliniæ i Miroslav Blaževiæ. Za bivšeg hrvatskog izbornika i sadašnjeg trenera Osijeka Miroslava Blaževiæa zanimanje je pokazao i Dinamo. Nakon ostavke Ilije Lonèareviæa, do kraja sezone Dinamo æe voditi Marijan Vlak, ali glavni direktor zagrebaèkog kluba Velimir Zajec izjavio je kako Vlak nije rješenje na duži rok, ne skrivajuæi pri tome zanimanje za Blaževiæa.
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First of all, let me thank everybody for the warm welcomes, especially the one who calls himself Majstor! Anyway, let's get down to buisiness. Sliskovic should really stay where he is ( Rocky Bosnia I Hercegovina), I honestly don't think he has the experience to coach in a city like Split, and a team like Hajduk! Whoever came up this this idea should have his head examined. I have watched some highlights of Baka when he was playing for my beloved BILI, and I really think he was one of the greatest Hajduk players of all time, but as a coach he still hasn't proved anything to me! A team of Hajduk's tradition deserves a coach with a high profile, but more important experience! My vote would be for Ivan Grozni Katalinic, since my first choice Ivic is too old and frail to handle coaching anymore. Kate has proven himself before with Hajduk, and is the second most winningest coach in Hajduk history. If I'm wrong about that fact, somebody please correct me. Anyhow, I'm not going to make any comments about the Purgerske Nesrece, because, quite frankly, I don't give a damn about them(wanted to use the expletive for govno, but I didn't know if that's allowed)! That's all for now! Naprid Bili i Vatreni, doli s Purgerima!
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No it isn't allowed...at this forum we respect each other regardless of what team anybody likes or where anybody's from.

In order to respect each other, we all require common decency and I know that we all have it and will demonstrate it;)
I dunno about Sliskovic, his Bosnian team is yet to register a positive result and he's hardly a proven coach. Ciro might very well end up in Dinamo once again.

and yeah, respect people :)

...dunno how good a coach he is but as a player he was AWESOME. Does anyone remember his goal against Torino (I think) in the UEFA cup? He scored from a free kick from almost the middle of the field. Amazing:drool: :howler:
Sliskovic? lol, the scorer of the greatest free-kick ever. i think it was against either Torino or Prague.....i have never seen soo much bend put on a freekick, and it was only 2 steps from 35 metres.
lol Boban i didnt see your post.....actually i think it was more like 40m when i think about it.

...I beat you to it :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool:
blah, i dont think Sliskovic will be anywhere near Hajduk bench... Vulic or Katalinic are first choices
all i wanna know is why all the hatred from Hajduk fans against Dinamo? i know a little hatred is fine! but this is really anger! guys we are all 1 lets not get all bent out of shape over 2 Croatian soccer teams that both make Croatia proud! including thier fans!:) torcida and bbb

what hatered? Torcida doesnt hate dinamo anymore than BBB Hajduk
I wouldn't say it's real anger. It is a sporting rivalry to the tenth power. Like in all honesty if say Dinamo or Hajduk played a Real Madrid or whoever in the Champions League Finals, I bet you my life TOrcida or BBB would all show each other support. I mean the real hard hooligans (and not the wannabes) know each other and when the National Team play away in other countries they all sit and party together. Wannabes are the only ones who will cause trouble in anything. What about when Croatia played Yugoslavia in Zagreb, Torcida and BBB were accross each other singing songs really loud to each other. Sometimes you mix a bad economy with being unemployed, football and liquor then you'll have a litte problems.
It seemed like last week the rumour was Ciro was going to Hajduk and now it has turned. Mamic has been trying to get Ciro at Dinamo and maybe he will go. I am not to sure about it but if he is going to be in it for the long haul then ok. Although his big mouth annoys me he is a great coach. Just look what he has done with Osijek. The other thing about him aswell is that he will draw good players to the club just because of his presence.......... eg Suker?? I won't believe it till I see it.

For Hajduk I would have thought that Vulic would be the number one choice, the guy won Hajduk the championship last year and the fan's loved him. Sliskovic is unproven.
Rekonstrukcija u Maksimiru i Poljudu!

Mislim da Miroslav "Ciro" Blazevic, moze lako u N.K. Dinamo Zagreb za iducu sezonu. Ako spasi N.K. Osijek da ostane u
HNL - 1 sve je moguce. "Ciro" je covijek sa rijec, sto on kaze tako mora biti. Kao Hajdukovac nebi volio da "Ciro" bude trener Dinama, zato mislim da je on pravi trener, i poslovni covijek ko bi napravio jaku momcad da osvoji Prvu Hrvatsku Ligu.
U Splitu je sve moguce da Blaz Sliskovic bude trener Hajduka, zato sto je legenda - bili. Split ga voli i obazava. Sliskovic nema bas rezultate i iskustvo, ali mislim da ima nos za igru i mlade igrace. Ivan Katalinic je velik trener i strucnjak za nogomet, mislim di god on je tu je uvijek dobra mocad. Svasta se moze dogoditi!!!
slazem se 100%. Blazevic je pravi trener ali vecina BBB ga necu!

Can someone tell me the exact reason why Vulic left Hajduk?
apperantly he got in fight with Grgic (president) about what Grgic said once... Vulic is a bit stubborn... well we all have to learn things in life somehow...
I don't see Baka as a great coach, not even a proven one. Bosnia have had 2 negative results, and they were announcing their participation in Euro2004 just days ago. Their press was sure of it, they said they're better than Romania :rolleyes:
ero, did you already say that? btw, I dont see their 4:4 vs Macedonia a negative result at all... you have to put it in conext of bosnia... they never won any important game
yeah I did, I apologise for repeating myself. Repeating myself.

I aplogise...for repeating, myself. Sorry :(
T Maric is not not not not proven proven
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