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Instead of getting mad at our juniors, I can only laugh at them. They conceded four goals :D :D :D

3 games 0 wins.

Good job boys, you've made us so proud.

Come on guys, let's go for 7th place, we can do it :D :D :D :D :D
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Damnit... 1 point from a possible 9 is bad. My sympathies once again. :(
i have to admit that i expected to see croats qualified to the olimpics but nothing more. now the situation is even worse for you. you have tought if had beaten us that you have a great squad. basicilly you have a good team but a little bit overrated. funny, you played very well against holland and spain but against chezch you totally f***d up the thing.
vise srece neki drugi put.
Hey IVO,

do not be discouraged, as a great man once said "Hey, it's a ball with two nets".
Yeah that was a great man who said that.

I hope they lose the seventh place game. If we can't win, I want to finish last.

I wanna grab Simic and just slap em, not punch em, but slap em.

Tudor can use a couple of boots to the head after his performance against the Czechs. I don't care if he scored, his job is to prevent goals.

Stupid dumb tall phuck.
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IVO, don't give up. Have some faith in your guys. By the end this is what football is like. You may lose or win, but the most important is the spirit of the players, and that must be saved for these young guys.
I'm not giving up, but with the NT not qualifying for EURO, this was all I had to look forward to. Like I said, I expected much more.

Watching EURO without your country there just isn't the same. I mean, who really cares who wins when you're not there? I am half Italian, but don't have nearly the same emotions toward Italy as I do Croatia.

Oh well, that's life.
IVO: Well Italy isn't in the best of forms right now, so I am not sure you want to cheer for them anway :(

Anyway, good luck in the Wc2002 qualifiers.
I will be supporting Italy, but I'm also going to throw some support to your beloved Romania. I've always respect Romania and even more after our WC match at France with you. I see many similarities between our playing styles. I guess most of Eastern Europe has a lot of similarities. A beautiful style of football, with very sound technical players. I hope Hagi does well in his last major tournament. :)
Thanx IVO. I know you won't be dissapointed with Romania's performance at Euro2000.
IVO, don't worry Croatia and Bulgaria will be back for the CL. And for now we will support our neighbours. :)
Besides, which is you group for the CL qualifications? EclipsE feel free to answer that as well.
Sh** I don't know giani. That's a good question, I'll look into it.
What do you mean by groups? Isn't it three rounds of home and away legs?

If that's what you mean, Dinamo is in the third round, while Hajduk is in the second. :)
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