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Taken from the second page of ProSport (sorry EclipsE). Also ProSport took that from a soccer magazine named SoccerWorld who have published a whole interwiev with Hagi:

Hagi is wanted in Italy by both clubs from Milan, AC and Inter, who both proposed the player a one year contract. They say that Berlusconi always liked him and Moratti had an eye on him from a long time ago. Also Milan want him because of the injury of Boban. Also next year some good playmakers will finish the contracts with their current teams, so for Milan this is a very good option.


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Damn you David with your COMPLETE Prosport magazine. ;)

This is some news to me to hear that great Italian clubs want Hagi. I would personally love to see him in either Inter or AC (let's just say AC for the sake of keeping giani and David happy). I think if his form is the same as it is now he would be a positive addition. He would also help the young midfielders of Milan develop perhaps.

Another thing to keep in mind, with all the speculation of Terim leaving for Milan ends up true. Than Hagi has even higher hopes of ending up at Milan.

It would be awesome to see Hagi set up Shevechenko next year from a Romanian point of view, but it could potentially suck from a Juventus fan point of view :eek:

Can't wait to see what happens.

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