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Great game tommorow
Inter is coming to Olimpico!!!
Ussually this games ends with draw,
So maybe that will be the case.
Even if we loose it is not a big deal
Perhaps we should concentrate on Serie A
Perhaps on the Champions League, but
Europe is waiting for another treble

Probaly Eriksson will rest some players,
Almeyda will probably not play, maybe
***** will rest too.
Conceicao will play from the start,
And maybe even Gottardi.
Read this post from a different angle and see the name
Of the hero who will score the decisive goal


P.S. sometimes you need to be a bit childish :)

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So is that the case?
All things considered tomorrow should be a good game
Let's all hope for a Lazio victory or
At least a draw.
Should we play the man with his name on this post?


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I don't care who will play tomorrow, and draw is not a good result .....
In CL our chance about 40% (after 5-2 defeated by valencia) .... while in Serie A our chance around 75% ...
But in Copa our chance is 85% , it is the biggest .. so there is no issue that we won't get this trophy .....

Remember that with Copa , player's mental will be raised .........

So tomorrow we MUST win ....

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don't worry eveybody, remember what i said, lady luck in lazio and very very close, and we realy need lady luck even the players play well. okay wait and see, what lazio did to the fans!!!!!!!!!

i love lazio

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Lazio should easily win. After watching Inter falter against udinese, and surely just after a long, long injury Ronaldo in the team won't make a hell of a lot of a difference. Inter need Vieri, and need him bad.

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Sorry, but a draw is not good enough
Inter should be crashed
My prediction is a 2-0 victory
Olimpico will go nuts
No doubt about it
Esisti solo tu, grande Lazio!

Italian Cup is ours
No one can change anything about that
Zamorano, Ronaldo will go back in tears
After Lazio humiliated them!
Gosh, I wish it was true!
How are you guys/girls doing?
I'm starting to get a little nervous already


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Relax, oh nervous one,
All will be well.
Very soon Lazio will take the field
And Inter will tremble.
Now just sit back and enjoy,
Everything is fine.
Lazia, your boys are ready;
Lazia, your boys will do you proud.
In a short time you will be celebrating.


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Games like this (final) are so important
Off the field we should play them
Tackles from everywhere on Inzaghino
Talks with the ref all the time by inter players
Actually I think we will get a penalty
Ridiculos headlines in tomorrow's papers we will see
Dressing-room with problems for Lazio ? No way !!
Italian Cup won by Lazio season 1999/2000

This guy will score the winning goal, or today or in the second leg ! :)


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Very pathetic .....ehm..... I mean poetic. I´m not very good at that stuff, so i´ll just say: Go go lazio

My tip, lazio win 3-1. Goalgetter Pancaro puts in two, before Ballotta scores direct on a goalkick. The inter goal is scored by the ref, as he puts it in from the 11-meter spot.....

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Lets hope that tonight we can win
and leave Inter where they belong in the bin
with Salas and Pancaro to score
and Inzaghino to add some more
Nesta to pick up the trophy
and leave us happy tifosi
the first of a treble this season
with any doubt or reason ( :))
with lady luck on our side tonight
we can brush Inter aside without a fight
Here I leave my heroic couplets
with nothing to say but

hehehe...at least u guys resisted making it rhyme!!! :)

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Yep, but I gather from ur next post that Pavel equalised! :)


Let Roma into the Tiber melt.
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