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Gregan targeted by Leeds fans

Leeds midfielder Sean Gregan is considering his future at Elland Road after
his pregnant wife and son were targeted by angry fans.

A small group of thugs surrounded Gregan's car an hour after Saturday's 2-0
home defeat to Leicester to vent their fury at Leeds' current plight, leaving
wife Melissa and 14-month-old son in tears.

"There's a line people shouldn't cross and this is most definitely it - what
happened on Saturday was horrendous," said Gregan, signed from West Brom in
a £500,00 deal in September.

"These people waited over an hour to abuse me and my family. I can handle
any criticism, but when it's your family that are being sworn at it is out of

"My wife is due to give birth next weekend and I had my 14-month-old son
with me.

"I don't want to complain about supporters, but picking on my wife and a
little boy is beyond belief - it makes you wonder if it's all worth it," Gregan
told the Yorkshire Evening Post.

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If this is true, the club should find out who the perpetrators are and ban them for life. We just on't need this type of fans. There have always been hecklers of players but his pregnant wife and child for christ's sake.
Also this was always going to be a consolidation year, stoppin gthe slide if that's possible. Anything else was surely a pipe dream so the fans should just get behind the players and support them.

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Very stupid behavior by those people. One thing is to hurl insults from the stands, but there is no justification to assault players personally. Maybe it's true that he is one of the worst underperformers in the team right now (I haven't seen many games this season myself, but the reactions in the internet considering Gregan's performances have mostly been very negative). But there is no reason to expect him to play like Stevie Gerrard. After all, it's quite obvious that Gregan is not a good midielder, or otherwise it would have been impossible for Leeds to sign him. So it's quite idiotic that people are angry at him for playing crap. Our whole team is composed of free transfer riff-raff from other clubs, plus some youngsters who weren't talented enough to be picked up by EPL clubs, and some old-timers like Kelly and Bakke, who stayed because they were crap/old/injured so no-one wanted them. There is no reason for great expectations.
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