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Greece'S national coach Vasilis Daniil has sensationally snubbed England's chances of qualifying for the 2002 World Cup.

Daniil's side are one of those competing with England for qualification, along with Germany - who also bowed out of the European Championships at the group stages.

"If England believe that they lost at Euro 2000 through bad luck, then that will be great for us," said Daniil to Greek radio.

"If they don't change their approach they will have no future in the World Cup.

"For me, the failure of England and Germany came as no surprise. I had foreseen that these teams, with their current approach, could have no future in this tournament.

"At the beginning of Euro 2000, peoples expectations were high, but it was clear from the first game that both teams had serious, obvious weaknesses."

The Greek manager also insisted that Romania deserved their qualification from the group after a penalty in the dying minutes of their match with England sent them through.

"It's logical that Romania went through as they were the better team," he added. "England beat Germany because they scored, it could easily have happened the opposite way.

"England lacked a player to dictate the paces of the game from midfield as they crowded the centre with defenders."

Daniil also described the flaws that led to Germany being described by their national press as: "The worst team since time began."

The Greek coach said: "When a national team calls on a veteran playing in the U.S. to take the role of libero in a major tournament they clearly cannot progress."

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I dont know where exactly he said these stuff but he is absolutely right.

The problem is that he is a useless coach himself...

It will be a hell of a qualifying round...
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