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A big derby game between 2 Greek C' Division (!) teams Larisa and Kastoria took place a couple weeks ago.... it was sold out (fans watched from rooftops) and it had just an incredible atmosphere..... keep in mind, this is the C' Division! 15.000 fans... most A' division teams in Greece don't even get this many fans.

Home team: AEL (Larisa)


You can see pics and videos from their official site, just amazing.

PS THEY WERE LIKE THAT FOR THE FULL 90 MINUTES!!! :D It just really impresses me, coming from a C' division team. Actually, Larisa many years ago use to be an A' Division team, and the ONLY team in Greece to win a title outside of Athens/Thessaloniki so they do have a rich history. What support they give their team though. Currently I believe they are in first place, on their way to being promoted to the B' Division.

I can't wait for their return to the top flight!!

Enjoy! :cool:
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