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To suprise of many, not saying that there were people who have predicted it, but Greek football is looking for it's best year ever, according to player wise. Speaking about greek soccer, they have been seen in the soccer world as 1 team (olympiakos) and 2 that are up there (AEK,Panathiniakos). This is the impression we get here in Canada and in spain, but obviously different in Greece.

But this season will be different. Panathiniakos signed portugal superstar Paulo sousa, wich will benefit big time since it will get alot of attention from portuguese fans. Olypiakos signed Dario Rodriguez and Alvez from Uruguay and might sign Dario Silva to complete the 'uruguayan army' as it is said to be wich will blend in with Giovanni and Zahovic to get alot of international strength, not meanchaning that Geougatous might be moving back now from inter reports. PAOK probably made the best move by signed Manso from Newell's old boys, he is the next generation of soccer hands down.

I could go on, but I think I got the point through. I hope greece can hopefully, as a long shot, take third place in europe's best league's wich I don't think England is cappable of.
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