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today I read about the interview with cragnotti at laziomania. That must be the wisest things he ever said in his whole life. I mean

No big changes just reinforcments and some players leaving. Great that sounds good. We tried to buy a whole new team and win the leuge and that didn´t work. So now we are doing the man U and Juve style keeping the key players and filling the team up with new good players that keeps the spirit fresh.

Eriksson still to be around no matter what? Why is it always the coaches fault said crag oh my good am I dreamin or is crag high on drugs I mean al this season he has been putting preasure on eriksson and the players and now it sounds like they have his complete support.
I belive eriksson is right for lazio so I am glad that no matter what he might be staying and how about that comment lippi? why would i want him DAMN right why. he hasen´t prooven to be al to good . If there is someone I would like to see instead of eriksson its trappatoni. Not so verry succesfull this year though.

Hope not Rivaldo is comming. Great player but we have loads of that kind in the squad. No bring me a real stron gunner up front to pair up with lopez,salas and inzaghinio.
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