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Greatest Nordic player through time

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Hi guys!

Funny that I'm posting this on the Nordic as the last, as it's becomming my internet home, but I've just posted two threads in the Norwegian and Swedish forums, showing my little project, and now I'd like to show it for you :happy:!

I don't think we have enough time and posting shared with the other Scandi's, and as I have this idea on a poll, I'd like to combine them.
One thing that always can be discussed is the greatness of the past, because it's always nice to swell on former glory :proud:. I'd like to make a discussion, that'll end up, in quite some time, in a voting to victory on being heralled as the greatest Nordic player through the times by us experts ;). Now, I've given this quite some thought, and I'm thinking that one might be too little, and maybe we should vote for the greatest from each country, and THEN the greatest of them all :)?

Now I'd like you to help me choose a long list of the greatest Danish players through times, and I'd like to take a huge historical overview, and what I mean with that is that I'd like to have players like Carl-Aage Præst in it, up to the Laudrups, etc. The players I've come up with right now, without spending too much time are as follows:

Carl Aage Præst, Claus Berggren, Frank Arnesen, Preben Elkjær, Søren Lerby, Michael Laudrup, Brian Laudrup, Ole Madsen, Jan Mølby, Sophus Nielsen, Peter Schmeichel, Allan Simonsen.

Now please don't come up with anything biased, I'd like to avoid people nominating a Søren Colding kind of guy here :).

Let's come up with all the nominees who deserve it, so that we can find the true winner of this prestigious award, as seen by the greatest experts on the net :stuckup:.
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We deffenetly need the Laudrup Bro's in the poll, and Arnesen, but how many can we have from each country?!

if we should get it limnited to 3, I'd say:
-Preben Elkjær
-Micheal Laudrup
-Peter Schmeichel

thoose are my best sshot's but then again there are some BIG one's left!
It's just, I don't want more than 10 from each nation, because it'll just end up with all the players getting some votes, without any real favourites. Would be better with max 5-7 from ezch country.

Finn, Lionheart, etc, please, I also want you to list your greatest heroes if you want to join the poll :)!
Nice topic DBOY

I pretty much agree with the list although I think Morten Olsen deserves a spot. He might not have been the technical player but his impact on the teams he played in can't be overestimated.
You're right Ane, I'd actually thought about him, but I must have forgot somehow :embarass:. Anyway, I'm not the king og the great players back from the 50'es and stuff, but I tried to write as many as I could remember right away.

I'd like if Glen would come by, because I know Carl Aage Præst went to Juve with two other Danish guys, but I can't remember their names... please come by with assistance :).
I do not know any others players for the poll but I wonder who would win out of a poll for just the 2 Loudrup brothers.
Michael in my book :). Both guys were amazing, but Michael is nicer in person, and after all, if you look at it career wise he played for bigger clubs, as a bigger star. Also in the Danish NT, he has a bigger history than Brian IMO :).
Well- In the Juventus ranks JOHN HANSEN will always be the big man :). He is one of the guys who've scored the most goals ever with Juve, and there's a profile on him at the official site under "legends" :D .

Apart from Karl Aage Præst the third Dane of that era was Johannes Pløgger. They were all integral members of one of the most succesfull Juve spells ever.
Much like the Swedish Gre-No-Li triangle, but less famed. Mainly because Nordahl is still the biggest striker beast to ever play in calcio, and Liedholm's coaching carrier.

I can never really agree with comparing players from different era's but if it ws to be done- John Hansen made a much bigger impact with Juve than for instance "Guld" Harald Nielsen at Bologna, and a strong argument can be made for John Hansen being the best Danish striker ever. In modern time however- it has to be Elkjær who is still a God in Verona of course.

Brian Laudrup has one of the most impressive NT carriers of all, but if you (like me) did not rate Scottish football at all when he was there- his performances at club level leaves alot to be desired. Still a splendid player of course.

Talking modern days- I would go with:

Morten Olsen
Michael Laudrup and Allan Simonsen (EURO player of the year as the only Dane ever)
Preben Elkjær

Actually- the '86 team was so packed with individual talent it could have been Brazilian. A fact even Brazilian's agree with :). Sadly- we are not likely to ever get such a team again, and if Denmark was ever to win a WC- I think that was the team that should have done it.

Damn Jesper Olsen ;).

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I'm really not the expert on the players of the past, but these crossed my mind: Aulis Rytkönen, Arto Tolsa, Kai Pahlman, Atik Ismail, Pasi Rautiainen, Ari Hjelm, Sami Hyypiä, Jari Litmanen. I probably have forgotten someone.
Jari no doubt!

Finlands best footballer EVER!!
Yeah, I totally agree with you on that. I don't think that we even need a poll on this one because there is no doubt who would win it.
Then it's settled:D! Jari will be the finnish player in the 'Greatest Nordic player through time' poll.
That's great, he definetly deserves it :). I think he'll be the only one who's still active, except maybe Myggen for Norway.
Well, the obvious Norwegian choices are Jørn Andersen, Rune Bratseth, Per Bredesen, Harald Berg, Odd Iversen, Roald "Kniksen" "all hail the mighty Kniksen" Jensen (gogo Kniksen btw :D), Ole Gunnar Solskjær, Hallvar Thoresen...

How many were we supposed to nominate? :D I'll have a chat with Orange about the Norwegian choices.
Do that! I've also made a thread about it in the Norwegian forum...I thought the reason no one'd replied was that you didn't have anyone worthy for the poll :tongue:.

Btw I'd add Myggen to that list of yours ;).
Myggen is great, but no offense, he's nowhere near Bredesen or Kniksen.
Come on Dani be a little objective now:tongue::D
Never :stuckup:...

No, I actually don't know much about Norwegian soccer history :embarass:, so I thought he'd be considered one of the biggies... guess not :). I think he's amazing, so that's just good for you, because that means you've had fantastic players!
I would like to put forward Tom Lund, Åge Hareide and Erik Thorstvedt, and I question Jørn Andersen being put into the discussion. It's a bit difficult to know a lot about the best footballers from the 60s -70s or especially before that, but Berg, Kniksen and Bredesen are unquestionable.

Apart from this, many of the best players of the 90s have been good, since Norwegian football reached its modern time climax then.
Yeah, I had Thorstvedt and Lund at my list, as well as Pesen, but figured the list was getting a tad long, so had to remove some.

And there's been several great players in the 90s, but few that stand out as much as guys like Kniksen and Bredesen.
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