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Great Goals

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I'm looking to compile a european great goals video and would greatly appreciate any recommendations so I can track the footage down. I already have an extensive collection under consideration but no doubt there are many brilliant goals from the various domestic leagues over the last few years that deserve to be included. Any kinds of quality goals would be a help. Thanks
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Dennis Bergkamp - WC'98 Holland - Argentina 2-1

Marco van Basten - EC'88 Holland - Russia 2-1 (?)

Marco van Basten - Eredivisie Ajax - FC Den Bosch ..

I'll post more later
Kluivert, it was 2-0 against Russia, van Breukelen saved a penalty from I guess it was Belakov. But indeed it was a great goal.
You can probably take all goals Dennis Bergkamp has ever scored...

Dennis Bergkamp! The third greatest Dutch player ever - after Van Basten and Cruijff....(?)
The goal from Bergkamp against Villa I thought. Goal of previous month probably. He got an pass, tapped it softly around a opponent en walked the other way around en scored....

please correct the opponent I'm not sure obviously
whoops :eek: history never was my greatest subject :embarass:

Vinnie, it was vs Newcastle if I recall it right...
Bergkamp scored three great goals against Leicester in the 97/98 season. They also ended 1-2-3 in the goal of the month competition of the BBC back then. One of them being similar to the Argentina goal. From that game the first goal by Kluivert is also quality. Also the sologoal by Davids in the mad 5-5 against Belgium is worth watching if you can find him.

Also a cracker by Jonk in the 91/92 UEFA-cup final against Torino. That's a great one too.
chivu said:
Also the sologoal by Davids in the mad 5-5 against Belgium is worth watching if you can find him.

Magnificent goal. I think you can watch it at knvb.nl where you can vote for best Oranje goal...
The 1999 final of the UEFA cup. Arsenal lost this because of an excellent goal from Najim. He scored an allmost impossible goal from about 40 meters with an enormous curve over Seaman. Top goal and Zaragoso beat Arensal what an suprise

The volley of van Basten against Russia in the 1988 EC final. Our the bicycle kick against Den Bosch

Gyan who scored last year agains RBC, the assist was the perfect one. Leonardo tricked the left back and brought the ball to Gyan with his left foot. Mind you, this means behind the leg that he stands on. Kindda like Romario did it sometime ago.

The first goal off Ronaldo when he played for FCB. Tricked 5 of 6 players when comming of his own half and scored.

My personal favorite, the goal off Fraser in 1992 (I thought) an perfect example of team play. Tricked a couple and with an walking action came in front of the keeper. Nothing special, only this was in the bad period of Feyenoord. This was the initiation of the come back and led to what now is the UEFA finalist
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Thanks all - I've got a fair few of those mentioned now but the search continues. If anyone's want clips and has an e-mail account that can handle such things drop us a line....
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