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for cm01/02...
when your a really crap club and end up in the group stage, how do you get some good results....

cause ive just took carnarthen town of wales into the group stage
and after the 6 games id drew 1 and lost rest

i only scored 3 and cenceeded 24

the group was


even if it is near imposible it was ruddy good for the finance :)

i have a balance of 5 million now....which is alot for a welsh club!

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Obviously you can't win them all, so you'll have to size up the opposition and try to get some points off the weakest teams. I'd always try to play more attacking football against the weaker sides, and more defensive football against the stronger sides.

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You have to really prepare hard.

You have to really instruct every player. You have to have a picture, a map, in your head of how you want your players to play, you have to have in mind what you want each player to exactly do.

For example, if you see you have a defender who has bad speed, make sure his instructions are to be really defensive, because if its a long ball, they wont be able to catch up.

If they have bad passing ,make sure you make that defender only do short passes, and not any others. (long passes will cause interceptations)

You really have to look at each player like that, and then compare to your opposition.

What is the biggest weapon of a strong opposition like Arsenal ? most lethal ? maybe their speed ?

you have to maybe put in a faster defender that may have a little less skill so they can keep up with Henry. You need to decide, is it better for me to press Henry, get on him right away, or let him receive the pass, and everyone back away and we will get him one on one. Well if you have good one on one defenfers, who are good man to man, then thats a good idea. If your guys suck man to man, but have good speed, and strength and can get infront of him before he ever gets it, then do that.

There is just so many things you can do. That is just abit of what I consider.

I have to first think about a tactic for the team as a whole, based on the type of team I have, then I do individual instructions, to make sure that players are not doing something that they are weak at, because then you are just giving away goals, you want the opposition to at least earn them.

You dont want to play short balls if your team has no skill whatsoever, and you just keep getting trapped.

You dont want to play long balls, if you have a slow team, and a team thats bad in the air.

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