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Google Chrome

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Pretty big news in the IT circles, everyone was going on and on about this today.

Google has released a browser to rival Internet Explorer and Mozilla ( . . and Opera, Safari, .. ), and it's called Google Chrome.


I just installed it, and the first thing you notice is it's simplicity. It doesn't hog up the top of the screen to fit in all it's options like a traditional browser, and feels pretty lightweight.

Most other things on it seem a rip off of Opera, from the way it displays tabs, to the ripping off of Opera's 'speed dial' which they've changed slightly to show your most visited sites instead of your pre-determined sites. Not a good thing for those sensitive of privacy.

My laptop's touchpad doesn't seem to be able to scroll upwards on a page with it either (downwards works), whilst it can in every other program I've ever used.

For once, I think Google has had a hard time being innovative here. This is just like Opera to me, just with a few things tweaked to make it seem different, but the kicker is that Opera has been like that for several years already.
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Şeytan;6601843 said:
IE :frustrat:

I hate that browser with a passion. As if it wasn't bad enough as a user, having it locking up system resources, crashing like a tonne of bricks and everything else. Now that I've dabbled in some web development, it's ten times worse.

I basically have to prepare separate segments of CSS to make sure IE renders the page like Mozilla and every other browser on earth does. I have to use separate sets of images in certain cases because IE 6 doesn't support transparent images properly all the time. Had to make major tweaks to a CSS menu that works perfect in everything else (even IE 7) just to cater for IE 6.

And the kicker is that each release of IE tends to behave so differently from the last.
Would you still recommend Firefox? Did you upgrade to FF3 or are old school and stuck with 2?
Definitely recommend Firefox, it's the closest thing to perfection in the world of browsers at this point.

Only issue with FF is that because good developers will design their sites for IE6 (it's still the predominant market share), sometimes, like 1 in 100, you come across a site designed for IE6 that wasn't tested for Mozilla. An example is Ato Boldon's website. The cause is almost always poorly written CSS, which is done wrong in the first place to make it work with IE.

For those who wonder why I'm going on and on about CSS, it's the styling applied to a website and is very, very important. Here's a peak at a site (40% complete site btw!), with and without CSS;

With CSS - http://www.anglofeb.com/devel
Without CSS - http://www.anglofeb.com/devel/index.php?template=anglofeb_nocss

The slideshow is also CSS driven, but that's something 3rd party that I threw in as is.

P.S - I'm on FF3 now.

EDIT - Atoboldon.com has fixed the background issue, so the above example doesn't hold anymore.
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Google came up with a revolutionary Javascript technology, V8. They changed the way JS normally runs in browsers. And the tests have shown that Chrome is heads and shoulders above in running JS than the other meek browsers out there. Just consider netvibes.com. I use it as my RSS reader. It uses extensive JS and it opened up in a snap in Chrome.

FF and IE have lot of catching up to do considering that Web Applications are the IN thing right now and the browsers have to be fast enough to render them.

btw :D ..

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Yeah, I didn't do any reading on the browser when posting this thread. Still haven't done much reading, but I did come across the talk on V8 and it does sound interesting. I'm not so sure it'll really be that far ahead of the competition as they claim, and Mozilla is working on an updated JS engine too.

Problem is with the laptop I'm using, I can hardly tell the difference. I'll have to crack out one of the old systems at home and try out a few sites.

I've been using the browser when at home and it has grown on me to be honest. But it does need to iron out some of the more basic things because it's lack of support for Hotmail & Yahoo mail is just one thing that'll hold it back right now. That said, if it flies on Facebook, people on slightly older PC's will fall head over heels in love with Chrome.
oh yeah, opera is pretty cool. integrated email software, speed-dial. in case somebody cares..
Glad to see you're enjoying it, Opera is definitely very underrated.

It had tabbing long before most other browsers, integrated it's very own email client before the others, and was aiming to be a lightweight browser before them too. The speed dial has only been used now by Chrome, IE or Mozilla don't have anything like it.

It's always been right at the front of the game, but just hasn't had the marketing behind it to push it to the top.
Someone was bound to do it. Chromifox theme. :D

btw this is the first time I am posting here. What's this forum, Lak Lak Lak Lak ..., about? :pp
Lak Lak is basically chitchat. It's the place where we talk about nothing and everything at the same time. :D
do you guys talk about me too? :D
Lol, sure we do. :D

On the subject of Firefox vs. Chrome, here's an interesting article.

10 Reasons Firefox won’t be worried about Chrome
lak lak :wallbang:we need to change this thread title :D
Since there is no ad blocking plugin for Chrome (yet), this workaround does the job for now;

(It also works for Internet Explorer - even if you only do it for Chrome, it'll work on IE, you don't need to do the proxy settings twice)

1- Download and install Privoxy.
2- Click on the Wrench icon in Chrome in the upper right corner.
3- Choose options>Under The Hood>Change proxy settings.
4- In the Internet Properties dialog's Connections tab, click on the LAN settings button.
5- Check off "Proxy settings" and in the address setting add and in the port 8118.
6- If you have the option, you can also check off "Bypass proxy for local settings".
7- Click "OK," close Chrome and restart it.
is chrome the spyware everyone is making it out to be?
Not really, though knowing Google it almost definitely is (or will be) tracking our web activity in one way or another.

It's also not the JavaScript king of browsers either. Still got a long way to go to get to Opera's level, let alone Mozilla's. That said it's my browser of preference now.
Safari for life.
Safari for life.
You Mac people.. :smileani:
Google Chrome now offers addons, this is a massive step forward.

Im looking forward to a more robust chrome so I can start using it on snow leopard. I'm not the biggest fan of Safari, and Firefox still does hog resources.
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