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Google Chrome

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Pretty big news in the IT circles, everyone was going on and on about this today.

Google has released a browser to rival Internet Explorer and Mozilla ( . . and Opera, Safari, .. ), and it's called Google Chrome.


I just installed it, and the first thing you notice is it's simplicity. It doesn't hog up the top of the screen to fit in all it's options like a traditional browser, and feels pretty lightweight.

Most other things on it seem a rip off of Opera, from the way it displays tabs, to the ripping off of Opera's 'speed dial' which they've changed slightly to show your most visited sites instead of your pre-determined sites. Not a good thing for those sensitive of privacy.

My laptop's touchpad doesn't seem to be able to scroll upwards on a page with it either (downwards works), whilst it can in every other program I've ever used.

For once, I think Google has had a hard time being innovative here. This is just like Opera to me, just with a few things tweaked to make it seem different, but the kicker is that Opera has been like that for several years already.
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Şeytan;6601833 said:
Looks exactly the same as my safari browser. I don't notice a difference.
lak lak :wallbang:we need to change this thread title :D
Safari for life.
There are actually perfect adblocks for Safari. I'd give u links but not using my home comp atm.
Haha I love u guys.. :D
Cenk abi here you are.. :thumbsup: :righton: check it out :D

there was this other show called Red Kit he was some cowboy dude with a spotted dog or something?

I certainly know what cartoon you are talking about. :howler: Shame I don't remember the name of it but I think it used to be on Star TV, I don't even know how I am remembering all this, I was only about 5-6-7-8 or something. wow. :worship:
1 - 7 of 65 Posts
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