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Goodbye for 2 weeks

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Well Easter has finally arrived and tomorrow (Saturday) I'm off to America! :eekani: I will be going to Florida and will be going to all the theme parks (No, not Disneyland :pp) and shopping! :D

I've got $110 and £250 (So I've got to change that up into $$$) and I can spend it all!! :D!!

I'll post some pictures (If I remember to take a camera :rollani: :D)

Now the downside = I hate planes. I'm really scared of plane flights :( But they've got movies there so I'll watch them :cool:

Well I'm gonna miss all of you :kiss:!!
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easter is still a week to go, so u early:pp but i'll appreciate the holiday:D

dont forget to bring me a present and dont worry about the plane, i heard the flights from london to florida have always gorgeous stweardesses;):D

have fun:kiss:
hey this stewardess thing made me go crazy :D how a place like Florida is known with stewardesses :pp

Eddie, I will miss you too, mate. But i am sure you can have a check from Florida too ;)

Have lots of fun, Florida must be beautiful nowadays.
Have a nice time.... Don't forget your skateboard :)
Hey, should you ever come around to DC, look me up. Then again, I know for a fact Florida is really nice right now. Say hi to Mickey Mouse.
Haydi I'm going to the airport in about 10 minutes will miss you all :kiss: :)
only seen it now :eek: have a good holiday :D
Have a good holiday, but I am cold :( oh and airplanes are not so bad really :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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