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Edited: THANK YOU Ronaldo

It sure does hurt to see Ronald leave BJK. Ronaldo wore a BJK jersey the most amongst any of our foreign players... ever.

For the 3 1/2 seasons that Ronaldo was with us he gave us the fans some memorable moments to remember him by...

When looking back at Ronaldo's first season at BJK the one memory that I will never forget about him is the perfomance that he put on at Kadikoy.

FB was on the way to breaking a world record and it seemed as if FB was going to beat BJK (considering the poor performance of BJK in the past season). FB was the first to score and it looked like they were on their way to victory (I even thought so too) but, then came our silent hero Ronaldo.. he first scored the equalizer and then went on to score again and gave BJK the lead.* While everyone was expecting a goal from Ilhan or Ahmet he came through and brokedown FB along with their world record dream.....

A week later there were Japanese flags waving at Inonu and the fans were chanthing: "OOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO NASIL KOYDU KADIKOYDE ROOOONAAALDDOOOO"

That was and will always be an unforgettable Ronaldo moment...

Ronaldo also scored some unforgettable goals for us outside of the Turkish League....
I will never forget the goal against Kiev and the 2 goals against Prague*

Ronaldo was silent but deadly. When we needed it the most he would come through and save the day for BJK. This is how I will remember him and would like to thank him for his game play at BJK and the good memories that he left the fans...

GUIARO RONALDO THANK YOU... and the best of luck to you in the future.


FB goal

Prague goal


Beşiktaş'ta satış listesine konulan ve Konyaspor'a kiralanacağı konuşulan Ronaldo, hiç kimseyle transfer görüşmesi yapmadığını söyledi. Gönderilmesinin söz konusu olmadığını ifade eden Brezilyalı, "Bana kimse bir şey söylemedi. Ben Beşiktaş'ın oyuncusuyum ve bir yere gitmeyi düşünmüyorum" açıklamasını yaptı.

Well the clowns have done it once again! I was almost certain that Ronaldo was leaving BJK. Well according to the statements that Ronaldo made it looks like he isn't going anywhere. I made the decision to change the thread title from GOODBYE and THANK YOU Ronaldo to just THANK YOU Ronaldo.

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I'm going to miss ROnaldo. No matter what, he worked hard and never complained about anything. It's hard to find such talented and humble players, I can only wish him the best of luck in the future.
We should give him a good farewell ceremony, he deserves it.
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