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So now that the game have been out for a while I would like to hear if any of you have found a tactic that works brilliant?? Or found some good players??

We all know, Robinho, Tevez, Diego, Kallström etc..
Other good players are:
Jan Kristiansen (Very Cheap and superb)
Dinélson ( A good young brazilian I found)
Freddy Adu
Isaac Osabourne
Lewis Buxton

Any other good players??

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Sebastien Mila, Marcin Burhardt for good, young midfielders. They need a work permit though, and I don't think they'll get one at the beginning of the game.

Lower league goal-scoring machine: Marcin Gdowski (doesn't need work permit!). My game with Pasching: 13 games, 13 goals, 1 assist, 3 MoM, 8.23 Avg Rat. What a guy.

Also, a Libyan from Hacken, Dulee Johnson (AM/F RC). Only 18 years old, very good player. Work permit required though.

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Suazo is a world class forward and you can get him for only E 2.9 mil. Other interesting players I came across are:

Marco Borriello - AC Milan
Sarr - AC Milan [he ends up getting 20 @ both marking and tackling]
Massimo De Martin - from AC Milan as well. :)
Jose Julian de la Cuesta [superb player, comes cheap, one of the best defenders in the game]
Matei Mirel Radoi
Supat Rungratsamee
Evandro Roncatto
Tim Janssen
Timon van Leuween
Kasper Schmeichel
Greg Etafia [great cheap goalkeeper]
Davide Matteini [from Palermo. Palermo is kinda full of great cheap players]

You might also want to check the Ukrainian clubs, Shaktar Donetk and Dinamo Kiev, as they're highly overrated. One great player is Shaktar's left back, Razvan Rat [he's pretty good in real life too ;)].

Oh, and MAXIM TSIGALKO, the legend, is back - just as good as he was before. :)

And lots of others whose names I can't remember right now.

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I have Keserü but he isn't doing much. maybe because he is still 17. :confused: But then again Nicola POzzi from Cesena is 18 and has finishing level 20, with loads of other good stats. I tried to buy him but Cesena wanted 9 million£. :rolleyes:
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