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For the 2000/01 season, Lazio should invest in these players...

Rivaldo (Barcelona)
Claudio Lopez (Valencia)
Buffon (Parma)

I think if we sign these players and perhaps a good defender we will be unbeatable, this is what the team may look like.

GK: Buffon
DL: Mihaijlovic
DR: *****
DC: Nesta
DC: ?? (any ideas) ??
ML: Rivaldo
MR: Concecaio
MC: Verón
MC: Almeyda
FC: Claudio Lopez
FC: Salas/S.Inzaghi

This team has a number of players who can turn a game. It's got everything! Pace, flair, dribbling, airial power, finishing plus influential players.
What more can we ask for?
Anyway, with this we can win Serie A comfortably and have a very good chance in Europe!!

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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