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Valencia beat Barcelona in the semi finals today 4-1.
Well, if THE ALL MIGHTY MAN UTD wont win the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, well then, BARCA wont EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i am really suprised in Valencia's performance. (unbelievable)

Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!
Lazio-Valencia 2-5
Barcelona-Valencia 1-4
Man Utd-Valencia 3-0

And what does that tell u...
YEP!!!! u guessed it!! MAN U IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Well done Valencia...just hold on at the Nou Camp and Barca is out...

GLORY GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well does this mean anything to u??

Chelsea 5-0 Man Utd

then what about this
Marseille 1-0 Man Utd

Lazio 5-1 Marseille

And the finishing touches
European Supercup
Lazio 1-0 Man Utd


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Chelsea 5 - Man Utd 0
Barca 5 - Chelsea 1

so does it mean that Barca will will by 20+ goals when they play Man Utd ???

NO ! Comparison of scores doesn't reflect much. Just look at the Leeds vs Roma game !
Roma dominated both games and could have won by about 10 goals though Leeds came out as the winner.

How ironic eh ? Well I guess thats what makes football so attractive.

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I too was glad to see Valencia hammer Barca.
But the result has **** all to do with ManU so why is it good news for ManU fans?

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yeah yeah man utd is out
thats it

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If yo say that then you should ask why so many people celebrated when Man U went out.

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Valencia has the best atack in the world
Man Unt is the more consistant.
Lazio has the best midfield.
Barca has the best player and
Bayern is the luckiest club

What do you think about this .

Forza Lazio!!!!

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Danijel, if Bayern are the luckiest team in the world, why did they lose in a CL final by ass. Man U didn't deserve it and scored two arsy goals in the last minutes of the game. Man U are the luckiest team in the world, not Bayern. And Lazio are better than Man U. Barca, Real r too. But most of all, Man U only won the Premier League this season. A cup which Lazio, Juve, Barce, Real, Inter, Roma, Parma, Milan and Bayern would have no troubles of doing. Put Man U in Serie A and see if they make europe or not.


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when Valenia lost 3-0 to Manchester they were totally OFF-Form........
I don't know why Barca lost off valencia ....i think barcelona thinks they have seven lives
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