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Good Luck

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Hello everybody,

This year is gonna be a tough one in Turkish League.
Galatasaray transfered Jardel, but lost Hakan, Arif and most importantly Terim. Good luck cimbom.(You will need it)

Fenerbahce got so many different players. Their starters will be %90 different from the last year. So they need few years to get used to each other. Good luck Denizli( I give him few months to survive)

On the other hand Besiktas got the top notch players from Turkey and also quality players like Nouma , Karhan, and Khletsov. Karakartal had a promising team from last year and fill the positions with strong players that we had problems. We also have the luxury to have the worlds best Mr. SCALA. So dont get your hopes high this year, BESIKTAS is going all the way.

Have a good one

P.S (Ozcan Abi selamlar)
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