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Luka Cveticanin is the player that everyone is talking about in Europe. Talk of him as the next Lazar Markovic/Radonjic type of player. Extremely fast. He's got better technique and is more of a dribbler than the two former players I mentioned. I remember watching a game live on youtube once and he absolutely demolished Zvezda by himself and this 03 Zvezda team is very good. It was really incredibly to watch. Capitalized on every opportunity he got (which wasn't many).
Only worry with him is that he will rely too much on his speed like Markovic or Radonjic. Radonjic had to learn the hard way and has developed a more complete game. Markovic never did. So, we will see how he develops over time. Currently the most talked about player of this generation.

The other big talent is Mateja Bacanin from Zvezda. Both Bacanin and Cveticanin were in the U17 team this year despite being a year younger. Don't have a video of Bacanin but have seen him in games many many times. Not just cause of his but the player most similar to his playing style is definitely Krasic. Krasic was quicker but Bacanin is a better finisher. Plays best when given freedom to roam in midfield. Very fast with the ball at his feet. Excellent technician. Best Zvezda has had in a long time. Love to dribble but much like Krasic in his CSKA days, Bacanin is sometimes too passive to take on his opponent. He prefers to shoot from long distance (which he is good at). Considered Zvezda's biggest talent at this level and has won many MVP awards for Serbia at youth level.

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Dragan Bojaz (03 gen captain U15/16 Serbia)

Uros Knezevic (02 gen captain U17 Serbia)

Bojan Balaz (01 gen former captain U18/19 Serbia)

All progressing nicely. Partizan school continues to impress.

Zvezda 1999/2000 generation also doing very well. Terzic, Joveljic, Burmaz, Ivan Ilic, Erakovic, and Jocic all are major talents.

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Partizan played Filip Stevanovic today, born 2002 generation. Very fast, strong, good technique like the video I posted of him last week.

He's a great talent but they are also desperate to create some awareness around the club right now because their offensive talents aren't playing well.

Zeko lopove...
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Seems a bit of a tricky situation with Jovan Kokir. He's Partizan's best talent but for some reason he hasn't gotten any playing time in the first team. There were rumors of a move to Zvezda but Kokir came out and said he wants to debut for the Partizan first team. Hopefully he gets a chance given Serbia's hopes for him.

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Gonna post this here as well....

In 2004/2006/2007 we made final/semi/final. Think we have a good chance of repeating those results again in the next 2-3 cycles.

Next cycle U21's are looking good and possibly better than this one because of depth alone.

From this generation, we have quite a few players that will be able to continue on to the next cycle. I believe it's 98 generation players and younger.

Since Djorovic has been coach, we've experimented with 27 players that are 98 GEN or younger. That's incredible and if you look at his interview with mozzart (I believe), he mentioned that he's doing this specifically so that he can prepare the guys for the next cycle of U21 football. What a great guy and I love how he is looking after Serbian football. I list some of the better ones that have had experience in this cycle and that we will most likely see in the next one.

At first, it might seem we are a little thin at GK but I think Gordic will step up nicely. He's made some nice strides with Zvezda and has received quite a bit of experience along the way. 2001 generation we have quite a few nice talents there at GK as well.
As always, we can dream of Svilar but in reality it won't happen.
Vladan Dekic is part of Inter Milan youth team. He's been their standard keeper for the U19's so there's some nice hope for him going forward. Maybe he can get some Serie B time next season. Would do well for his development. He is 99 generation as well.
Djorovic has tried 3 other keepers as well from the 98 gen for this particular cycle.

My favorite area of this upcoming cycle is the defense. Think we have some incredible defensive players at every position for this generation especially RB/LB. I'll start with the ones that are already in this current cycle. I really like Erhan Masovic. He projects better as a DM because of his offensive capabilities and great short passing skills but he is pretty flexible. From CB, DM, to CM, he's got the tools to play anywhere. Djorovic has favored him for quite some time and has believed in him since day one. At first, I didn't see what he saw in him but since this last friendly, I definitely understand the type of potential he has. Hopefully, his confidence continues to rise.

Our main CB pairing will probably be Markovic and Pavlovic. Not only do they know each other very well from Partizan youth days but they compliment each other really well. Djorovic speaks very highly of Markovic. I believe he mentioned him at least 5 or 6 times in his interview and says he will be worth quite a bit of money one day soon. I trust his evaluations as he also believed in Jovic, Racic, Milenkovic, Masovic, and others before they got big. Pavlovic is that type of defender that every team wants on their team. Projects to be a monster like Sule in Germany. We'll probably see quite a bit of Bosnjak, Veselinovic, Dinga, Kamenovic, Jelicic, Boris Popovic, Erakovic, Balaz, and quite a few other guys with great potential. Lots of depth here at CB from 98 to 2001.

At LB, we have Terzic that will for sure be the starting player at this position. He's already done well in this current cycle and has only been outshone by the talented Bogosavac. Right under him will surely be Zlatan Sehovic who has shown nice talent at Partizan and in Europa League. He'll give Terzic a run for his money. Nice to have depth once again. He's a bit young but I really like Uros Blagojevic from the U17 team. If you want to compare him size wise at this age, probably Slobodan Rajkovic is the best pick. Very big and strong far superior physique to other players at his age. He's got great skills on the ball and really times his runs well. He's solid at the back. Will most likely be a makeshift CB/LCB/LB type of player. Puts in decent crosses as well and is very comfortable on the ball. Will make a post about him in the talents thread eventually.

At RB, I really really like Stefan Radmanovac. Have you guys seen the calves on this kid? Reminds me of Jovic in that way. This kid is built and he really impressed me with the U17's last year when they played Spain and Germany. He was by far our best player. Really strange occlusion from the U19 team this year but that wasn't the only faulty move. Really hope to see him get some games at Partizan next season. I know he's signed a professional contract with them and is training with the first team already. So, most likely will get his chance along with Vlalukin next season at Partizan. Speaking of Vlalukin, I like his versatility. Can play any position in the back and was a big time talent coming up. Reminds me quite a bit of Ignjovski from back in the day. He had a big injury that kept him out for quite some time and he's finally getting back into the rotation with some quality minutes in the second league. Cucin and Velickovic will most likely be back for the next cycle as well. We also have our black Serbian, Jason Prodanovic :howler:

At DM, we are fairly stacked once again. In fact, it will be tough to decide who should play. Most likely we will see Masovic start there if not at CB. I think Racic will be played more offensively which is a smart decision but he's an excellent option at CB as well. Can't go wrong with either really. You also have some really big talents in Ivan Ilic (Luka Ilic's brother). We already know the talent this kid possesses. He might be a bit too young to be the starter here as we already have some older and more mature options right now. He'll definitely be in the mix though. Aleksandar Djordjevic and Arton Zekaj (Lille) will most likely be in the mix. The latter has already featured on the bench for Lille. Think it would be wise to call him up. Djordjevic has experience already with this current cycle of players. We have two very interesting "diaspora" players in Zvekanov and Kristijan Belic. The latter is really being hyped up for West Ham. He has already been featured for the U23 team and was the youngest player in the squad. His A team debut will most likely come next season. He's a midfield destroyer type with good technical skill. Takes nice long strides and really likes to push forward. Very aggressive with his tackles. Maybe a bit too aggressive. It works for the EPL but not so much in international football. Anyhow, he will absolutely be in the mix for the next cycle. He is a true DM. Vanja Zvekanov is a standard Genoa U19 player and has been featured on the bench for their A team. He's another exciting prospect. I've only seen him once or twice but looks like he has excellent potential. I really wish we would have picked up Vasilije Janjicic
Think he's going to be a star in the Bundesliga next season. Reminds me a bit of Deki Stankovic as well.

CM will be interesting. Most of the talents are in the 2000/01 GEN for this position. I already mentioned that Racic will most likely play CM. However, I also really like Luka Ilic at CM. I think that will be his star potential position. Djorovic thinks very highly of Ilic and talked about him being a player worth 40-50 million one day. I can definitely see this. It's really a shame that he got injured for 80% of the season. He was off to a hot start with 2 early goals in the dutch league. I'd really like to see him in Germany next season. Think it will be a great step for his career. Ideally, a team projecting to be near relegation zone so that he can be a full time starter. Experience and age wise, we'll definitely see Njegos Petrovic (can play DM also) and Mesarovic (always plays more offensively). From the younger guys, 00/01, I think Bogdan Jocic will be shining very soon. We haven't had a talent like him in a long time. I know he's listed more of an offensive midfielder but it would be a disservice to him not to play him at CM. His ability to hold up the ball and make runs is incredible. His vision and passing technique is world class for his age. There's a good reason clubs like Juve and Ajax were after him. I really wish he went to Ajax. Think they could have turned him into a special player. Lets see what Zvezda does with him. Milojevic tends to let young guys rot for quite a bit of time and they lose confidence. This was an issue with Joveljic for a bit. Nikola Terzic is looking like a nice prospect. Love the way he holds the ball. He's been highly touted by a few coaches. Look forward to his progression. I personally really like Ivan Milosavljevic. This kid is class. He's the prototypical Spanish central midfielder. Quick short passes. Holds the ball well. Runs into open spaces. Makes excellent long and diagonal passes. Has great vision. I really like this kid. Nobody has talked much about him but I think if he just relies on his skills alone, he could be a very talented player. Could have a similar path like Sasa Lukic. An under the radar type of talent. Very similar to Lukic in many ways. A few other talents we might see in the mix from this younger gen are Martin Novakovic (Excellent pick up for Zvezda I like this kid), Lazar Pavlovic (big talent back in the day and was even wanted by Barcelona but suffered multiple injuries...seems to be in good form now though), and a few other guys I can't think of off the top of my head right now.

LW we have an excellent prospect in Jovan Kokir. Can't believe how Partizan is treating this kid. He's been playing in the second Serbian league and has something like 5 goals in his last 6 games and he barely just arrived. He should have been given playing time for the A team a long time ago. I really hope some club in Germany picks him up. Excellent potential. Luka Adzic would obviously have the edge here if he continues to improve. I really like the potential of Adzic. Think he has the chance to play for a big club one day. He just needs to be a bit more patient. Djorovic likes him as well. He's finally been getting some bench time at Anderlecht but needs more playing time. I also really like the prospect of Slobodan Stanojlovic. He's a dynamic winger with excellent crossing ability and very quick.
Strahinja Jovanovic has regressed but still nice potential.
Radivoj Bosic has potential too but has been overhyped a bit.

RW we also have some very nice prospects. Djorovic seems to really favor Micin.
I really like Milutin Vidosavjlevic. He's got it all to replace Andrija Zivkovic.
Neskovic is another nice prospect. Very direct player. Could even play wing forward.
Zlatanovic will probably play a bit as an inside forward on that right side.
I feel like I'm missing quite a few names here as well but I'm way too tired to look them up.
Armin Djerlek needs to get much stronger if he wants to transition to the next level but he will most likely be in the mix also.

One really young wing player that I like a lot is Filip Stevanovic. He could end up being Serbia's Joao Felix. IMO, he's a massive prospect and one of the biggest we've had since Perica Ognjenovic. He can also play centrally. His movements and strides really remind me of a mix between Dzajic, Tadic and Zidane. Strange but truly a massive potential. The thing I like most about him is that he's always hungry to grow but very calm, stable and humble. It's the perfect combination to success. From his interviews, I truly think he's a genius. On and off the pitch. Look forward to watching him grow.

S is really a funny position. We have almost way too many good players for this position which is strange because for 10-20 years we had nobody at youth level.
Vlahovic is the most exciting IMO. 15 goals in 16 matches for U19 Fiorentina. Won them the cup title yesterday after a brilliant penalty. This kid oozes talent. Does remind of Ibrahimovic really. Will be interesting to see him in Serie A next season. I think Milenkovic did wonders for him.
The best striker in this generation is definitely Joveljic at the moment. Excellent coaching with Milojevic. He's proven himself already against Napoli, PSG and Liverpool. Arguably one of the best in each of those matches. If Jovic can't play this summer, Joveljic will take his place and gain some valuable experience.
Filip Stuparevic just earned himself a nice transfer to the EPL. He's a very interesting prospects. Porjects something similar to Lewandowski. He'll most likely get loaned out next season to a Serie A team. Udinese were very interested from what I've read.
Slobodan Tedic is kind of the quiet one of the three 00 gen players I mentioned. But he's been the most prolific scorer out of any of them in the Serbian league. A very complete player up front.
Of course, we can't give up on Saponjic. He's still getting in Benfica B games. Think a move back to Partizan would be best for him and Pzan.
Luka Markovic is also an interesting prospect. Plays for Juventus' U19 team. He's been picking up more appearances for them recently. Really like the way he plays. Has a rocket of a foot.
Milos Bocic is another exciting prospect from Italy. Plays for Udinese U19 team but has been on the bench recently multiple times. Looks set to make his debut soon. Could have a good chance to break through as Udinese play with two forwards up front.
Three 02 generation players that are young but have big talent are Aleksandar Isailovic. He's the kid that was tearing it up in Spain and then got a nice transfer to Benfica.
The other one that I really like is more of an inside forward from the right wing, Ilija Babic. Has the potential to be the best player from 02 generation along with Filip Stevanovic.
The third 02 prospect that I find very interesting is Lazar Samardzic. Seems like Germany is trying to take him away like Marko Marin. He's been tearing up the German youth leagues. I believe last year he was the top goal scorer in one division. This year, he's suffered an injury but since coming back, he's still got 14 goals + assists in only 10 games. From what I've read, Hertha think he's going to be a star. I don't play FM but he's apparently listed as one of the biggest talents in the game. Would be a huge mistake to not pick him up.

Clearly, as most of you noticed, our biggest talents are in the 00,01,02 generations. A few in the 99 gen like Joveljic and Terzic and only 2 players with big potential in Masovic and Racic. So, there's a good chance we might underperform in the next tournament in 2021 I believe but the one after that 00-04 should be leaving a blazing trail of fire behind it. Great successors to our current "golden generation" for the A team.

Funniest part of all of this is that 2003 generation might be the most talented of all.
Just Partizan alone have some nice prospects:
Dragan Bojat (supposed to be the best RB prospect Serbia has had since the split up of Yugo).
Nikola Stankovic is supposed to be another big midfield maestro. Poached away from Zvezda.
Luka Cveticanin might be one of the biggest talents in Europe at this age. Incredible speed and technique. Think Lazar Markovic or Nemanja Radonjic but with two good feet and excellent technique/crossing ability/set pieces. I'm very excited about this kid.
Stefan Obradovic is an excellent CB prospect. Next big one after Markovic and Pavlovic at Partizan. Already training with the first team.
Lazar Micic is one of my favorites from this generation. He's been scouted by quite a few big clubs. Chelsea, Bayern and Barca have tried at different stages in his career. He's next on the rotation after Filip Stevanovic.
Boris Krstic was also poached from Zvezda. This kid is ridiculously talented. Looks like Ibrahimovic out there. He makes it look very easy. Scored 6 goals in a single game last season for the youth team. Extremely exciting prospect.
Ognjen Ajdar is another interesting prospect.
Zvezda has some exciting prospects as well and this 03 generation of Zvezda actually plays better team football than Partizan's 03, believe it or not.
Vukasin Krstic is also another excellent CB prospect after Obradovic.
Copic is also another big GK talent from Zvezda. Maybe the best since Rajkovic.

2002/2003 gen have a chance to qualify us for the U20 World Cup in 2021. It would be very strange if we didn't qualify. Filip Filip Stankovic, Uros Blagojevic, Filip Stevanovic, Eleven, Ergelas, Babic, Colic, Lazar Samradzic and Uros Knezevic from 02 are massive talents.

4 big GK talents alone in these two generations: Stankovic, Slavkovic, Copic and Gocmanac. Pretty insane.

We also have the uber talented Aleksandar Isilovic that just joined Benfica.

Those two generations are stacked. Will be nice to see what they can do. Hopefully the FA doesn't ruin them like our talented 00/01 gen that should have achieved much more if they didn't leave off 10 key players from the roster.
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