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GOALKEEPERS for next season found!!!

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These are latest news:

Goalkeepers for next season

1- Ovtchinikov
2- Pedro Espinha
3- Rui Correia

Yes, no Baia.....I am deeply sorry for that....let us trust this russian monster....I like his style...


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boo hoo....

I think all three will be awful :(
I can't see any of them settling in and it will be a case of chop and change all season.

I think signing Espinha was a big mistake. He is too old - although GK's can play till nearly 40, but I'm fed up Portuguese goalkeepers - I want real quality in the team.
Well PORTO asked 4 BAIA again on loan but it waz gonna be expensive.So PINTO DA COSTA is considering buying him...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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