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What do u think is the best goal of the season from the following players: (all competitions!)

1. Ruud van Nistelrooy
2. David Beckham
3. Ryan Giggs
4. any other one u want to put in.......


Well mine would be:

Ruud - goal against Dopor(2nd group stage, at OT) the chip from the acute angle

Becks - the wonder goal against West Ham, in our 5-3 win (first touch, outside the box)

Giggs - Depor goal(2nd leg in the QF) dnt know how to describe it, LOL, but a beautiful goal, a bit of a dribble, a bit of a shimmy, a bit of a shot! ;)

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1. ole at lille.
2. becks at west ham
3. veron v celtic
My memory aint as sharp as you fellas but I reckon the Ruud goal against Depor was fantastic.The Depor defenders forced him to take the ball away from goal and Molina came out to narrow his angle even more.Yet he sublimely chipped over the keeper to the back of the net.At first I thought that he missed it but then I saw the back of net bulge and Ruud celebrating by kissing his United shirt.:proud:
One of the best constructed goals I've seen came today against Chelsea, the one that involved scholes, ole and then finally Ruud.

In terms of the premiership, however, I think it will be between Bergkamp and Marsden.
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