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Giovanni Rosso rumours

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Beitar still own the player but Rosso might ask to be loaned out to Haifa for the 2nd year in a row, but Beitar will try to convince him to stay. Maccabi Tel Aviv also reported to be interested in the player.
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tell that fooker to get a citizenship in Israel so we can have him play for our NT :D
Y not???

How can u say that about Rosso when he is one of the goods of Maccabi Haifa and all of Israel! :) he might be useful. not saying he will be a captain, but hopefully someone who we can use?

How did you have confidence in that Azerjiban Muslim dude and not Giovanni :D

He also models i heard?
I don't want any naturalized player in our NT, even if Luis Figo himself becomes Jewish, comes to Israel and FIFA allows him to play for the NT I wouldn't want him in our NT.

Rosso was going to be called up a while ago for Cro but he got injured. I can't remember when it was, but I'm pretty sure it was when Blazevic was still coach which was over a year ago. Too bad for Rosso, everybody wants to play for the NT and if not for his injury, he could've proved his worth.

That being said, I agree with HRevivo that I wouldn't want a non-Croat playing for Cro either. National teams are not club teams and I think it ruins the integrity of the international game when players go to different countries.

BTW Rosso is Croatian, born and bred despite his Italian name, just an Italian background.
but on any terms, rosso is material for the Croatian NT :)

How many caps does he have so far?
0 caps. I believe that the game he was called for was against Scotland in December of 2000, or sometimes around that period. I believe that Rosso is Croat NT material, and should be tried in their upcoming friendlies.
If he is sooo good for the croatian NT how come you do not want such a terrific player such as him! :) he can surely be good stuff for the Israeli NT, and is the key aspect since we lost Revivo! :) I would for one like to see him there! Maybe for 20 caps or so :) he deserves to get some if he is so good? :)

Do you think he can go after his trip to israel to some bigger team like AJAX or even in italy?
I can't give an opinion as to whether or not he's NT material since I've seen very, very little of him. He'll have to wait until the qualifying campaign for EURO2004 before he gets a call up though.
I've heard Rosso's request to get an Israeli citizenship is said to be discussed this week. Last night he was interviewed after a league game and confirmed this. I have to say that despite the fact Rosso is not Israeli he definitely acts like one and he really likes this country alot:)

I think an on form Rosso merits a place in Croatia's squad but they are packed with talent so it's hard for me to see him getting a starter place, and the game in question was against Scotland, and he got injured in Croatia's training camp.
Do you know where Rosso lives in Israel? :)

Do average Israeli soccer players live good? How do people who play in the Premeir ship live? in a nice house or sucky? :) how do people who play in Maccabi Beer Sheva live unlike people in Rishon Le Zion? :)
They live very good Kappa, earning some high and overpaid salaries and Rosso currently lives in Haifa, where he is quite happy with his wife...
What do you mean you lost Revivo? What happened?

Revivo does not play in our national team anymore. After the thumbing game with Germany in Febuary, revivo currently is retired from the NT and is only concentrating on Fenerbahce and his personal life!

I don;t think this is new. After all, a long time ago, he was one of the only highly rated players whom was never called up for Israel! And even more so, when he has good days, he is never called upon to be a Captain, but rather to just be assitant or not even close. Revivo doesn't really have a major spot, if he came a couple of years before he would have done just great. Personally, i think it was the coach that he had problems. Revivo even said in an interview that he doesn't like our Danish coach and he thinks he treats him badly! I don't know what to really say. its not like you have to go to NT games, but for israel it is something tight :(

its really sad to see him go! :) he was very talented in the international front!
Yeah you see that now and then, great players who won't play for the NT because of the coach, or won't get called up because of the coach.

It's always hard to see important players retire from the NT, but I guess you have to look to the youth....
yea you are right. But i don't know what to blame. Some of these coaches are world class. They know how to lead a team and make them win! Thats how competitve the world cup is and will always be. Just now, i heard Scholl from the German NT refused to play for Germany in Japan, because he is not 'happy' with rudi voeller attitude toward him. Germany, who had 'issues' in the past few friendlys cannot afford to miss out players like Scholl..

Same with Israel. I think Revivo is doing a protest, and i am angry, but i do not protest. I think this is a player who when he started at Fenerbahce was really shi'ted on in Israel, and he got no respect! Infact, the first few games for the "ROAD TO WOLD CUP 2002" Revivo wasn't even called up. He was known as the International players who don't get a spot in there NT. It rarely happens, but usually if your players play in Intenrational clubs, than you sometimes give them the go ahead. Revivo would probably make a return again. As for neilsen, he will have to see, he didn't fulfill what it was told and i am very angry at that. He should have done a little bit more and perhaps done it better. But he isn't very familiar with the Israeli Leauge and especailly as you stated...he isn't familiar with the Youth! We need new management! :(
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Layne Stanley...


couldn't help but wonder......you like Alice in Chains yourself???

I was a huge fan of them back in the day. It was sad to see how it all went for him! Rock N' Roll really killed it. They didn't care about him and just spat him out like some sort of hillbilly :( its sad, i miss him! I am listening to THEM BONES NoW! :) i got all but one of there albums (unplugged) and i think there amazing. Didn't see them live but i saw Jerry Cantrell twice when he was doing his solo. Once with Metallica and once by himself! I will never foget.

God bless him :proud:
Great explanation Kappa, you are completely right again:)

Now Fenigel says he talked to Rosso today and they both agreed that Rosso will come back to Beitar next season.
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