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Giornata 9: Roma vs Sampdoria

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Away to the Olimpico we go.Roma Have Vucinic-Baptista out. Their scoring threat will be Totti.

On the other hand we will miss both Palomobo & Campagnoro.

If the same roma of Palermo, Udinese & Inter show up. I am certain we can win this game.

In Belucci-Cassano we trust
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Looks like it might be 14th January. The only date nearer was 12th November, but Roma aren't happy with that because they have the derby after that (which seems like a feeble excuse..), and the next convenient date is apparently in the new year.

Roma will still be w/o the suspended Vucinic and Mexes, but I can't imagine they'll still be in such a poor shape by then.
The postponment favors roma, as its highly probable Spalletti wont be there. He is a joke of a coach. The stupid guy made us a terrible team , and then David Platt took over. Other teams complained on Platt's coaching license so he left us & Spalletti was brought back in. With him, we went down , down & down(got relegated). Stupid coach, hope we never see him here again ever.
No, you really can't blame our down-fall on Spaletti, although he obviously had an important part to play. We had a completely unbalanced team (in theory great going forward, but awful at the back), bad luck with injuries and referrees, and then the whole Platt thing was pretty ridiculous and self-inflicted.

The fact is that Spaletti did great at Udinese and has had Roma playing some great football until this year. Something's clearly gone wrong now, but I don't think you can just say it's his fault!

Having said that, I agree that Roma will definitely be in better shape come January. At the same time, they probably won't be as pissed off as they would've been on Wednesday, which could've been a problem for us. Who knows what's better, the important thing is that we destroy Torino on Sunday.
I think they decided - 14th of January. Match starts at 20:30. So no rest for us this season...
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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