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Giorgio Venturin

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He's back :) I've heard that he will play with Lazio next season.

Is this another rumour or what? Mattias?? :)

I hope he's coming, coz we really need him as a replacement for Almeyda, He did a great job 2 years ago.

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I miss those days :) we won Italian Cup 1998 though.

Forza Lazio
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Pierre, as far as I know Venturin has been out of contract since January. And he was supposed to join Lazio during Christmas but never did. And I remember there were some talks that Lazio could sign him now for next season.

But I haven't heard or read anything about it the latest days.
Venturin is a great player and Eriksson like him a lot, but he is not 20 years old anymore … ;)
Of course he would be a fantastic bench player !


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Thanks mate :)

I hope he join Lazio, still so much to give eventhough he's not young anymore :)
At least, he's keen to sit on the bench and give all his best when he gets a chance.

Forza Lazio
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