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Giani: Alexandr Alexandrov

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What can you tell me about this guy? is he any good?

The rumors in Greece say that he has agreed with PAOK over offers from a French club (Lyon) and Benfica and PAOK has agreed with his team but the transfer has been put on hold since PAOK is trying to get a Brazilian guy named Fabiano.If we dont get Fabiano,Alexandrov is a PAOK player.

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The teams are PAOK, Bordeaux, and Porto as go the rumors here, but today I've read an interview with our general manager who told only PAOK asked for him.
And he is player #1 of Bulgaria for the previous year (I believe it is because he made fun of Juve's defenders). He has great technical skills in almost every match he came up with something new, and the defenders here really hate him. As you probably know he is a playmaker (he can also play as a right wing). He has nice passing, and he moves quite much during the game- he covers so much space. But he is great chiefly when he is motivated (like against Juve) which is what happens very often. And he passes his desire to win to his team mates- he was the key player for the title of Levski this year with his motivational power :) . He burns in the game.
Plus his contract ends in the end of the season, but he already announced he is going to sign a new one. And our manager mentioned that if Alexander is not sold in the next 7-8 days he stays in the team.
Amo, how much do you think PAOK will pay for this guy? Here the rumors are about 2 mill $, but I'm not sure still,.

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2.000.000$ is the offer for Alexandrov (the offer for Fabiano is 3.000.000$).There was another rumor that Levski asked Ivajlo Ivanovic,a young serbian play-maker PAOK has loaned to a small greek team and was always at the U-21 side on Yugoslavia (on the bench) but Bajevic refused to give him away because he considers him a great talent.

Its nice to hear that Alexandrov is so good because I will really need to see something good to forget the sink of the negotiations for Tsartas. :(

Thanks mate.Will you keep me up to date with the rumors about him there? if you want post anything new to the Greek forum,thanks again! :)

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
hmmmm...Amoroso....my club versus yours...who wants Alexandrov more :)


2 mill $ is fair enough, I hope he proves that if he joins you. :)
And yeah I'd try to keep the info about him :) .
Anyway, I've not heard the rumor about Ivajlo, and we already have several players for his (Alex's) place, but we need some money for our selection and I'm pretty sure he'd be released for 2 mill bucks.
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