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Friday, 30 January 2004 18:11:56
MILAN - FC Internazionale Milano communicates that following the resignations of Massimo Moratti and advisors Marco Tronchetti Provera, Paolo Giulini, Angelo Moratti and Angelo Mario Moratti, the board of directors has requested the co-option of advisors Carlo d'Urso, Marco Gastel, Luigi Amato Molinari, Pier Francesco Saviotti and Giammaria Visconti di Modrone, to join existing members Carlo Buora, Maurizio Fabris, Giacinto Facchetti, Mauro Gambaro, Rinaldo Ghelfi, Natalino Curzola Moratti and Massimo Moretti.

As foreseen, the board of directors has named Giacinto Facchetti as president, and Carlo Buora and Rinaldo Ghelfi as vice presidents. The board meeting at Inter's headquarters in via Durini is still in progress.

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Friday, 30 January 2004 19:01:10
MILAN - Giacinto Facchetti spoke to journalists at the club's headquarters in via Durini after being named Inter president:

Are you moved?
"A little. It's not every day you become president, especially of a glorious club like Inter. I have been excited for several days and it's a strong emotion."

Will there be a small present?
"A present? There aren't any presents for the moment. If need be, we'll talk about the transfer market at the end of this session, that is, tomorrow."

But are you negotiating for certain players?
"Branca and Oriali are considering every possibility, but for the moment there's no news."

What can you tell us about Moggi's 'game'?
"It's not up to us to say whether it's a game or not. There are institutions in place which should judge and evaluate his certificate. We don't have any comments to make on his absence from the Office of Investigations."


Friday, 30 January 2004 19:20:09
MILAN - Giacinto Facchetti spoke to journalists at the club's headquarters in via Durini after being named Inter president:

As regards Inter's transfer market, will there be any differences with respect to the past?
"At the moment we only have one main objective: to get the team back to winning with continuity. This year we have alternated great performances with disappointing matches. It's not enough to want to win, you need to know how to prepare to win and for this reason the work you do from Monday to Saturday is important, not just what you do on Sunday. Technical ability isn't enough, you need character, concentration and determination. I have faith in the players' qualities and I have faith in Zaccheroni. Last week we played a great match against Udinese, a team that's doing well at the moment. Then we played badly in Modena. From this point of view we have to improve."

What will your rapport with Massimo Moratti be?
"Dott. Moratti is the majority shareholder of the club and has been my dear friend for many years. I wouldn't be very intelligent if I didn't make use of his experience. I will always be in close contact with him."


Friday, 30 January 2004 19:33:57
MILAN - Giacinto Facchetti spoke to journalists at the club's headquarters in via Durini after being named Inter president:

Will you try and make the players understand that they have to show more passion for the Inter shirt?
"The coach and the club must make it understood that certain attitudes on the pitch must not be repeated. And they have also understood this. I hope several episodes that have occurred in the last few matches don't happen again."

From Sunday onwards, what will the rapport with the fans be like?
"The fans are pleased when we win. If you manage to win, then they are happy. I don't think our fans can be happy or unhappy without considering the result."

What are you expecting your first match as president to be like?
"It will be the players on the pitch that will have to enthrall the fans because the fans are ready to follow and incite them. The crowd will support the team if it shows the desire to fight from the first minute."

How will you motivate the team?
"I not a great believer in shouting, I don't think it's necessary to raise your voice to make yourself heard. Those who feel the need to behave like this feel insecure." You mustn't shout in football? No even to the institutions?
"I think there are many things to understand. I'm not expecting and I don't even want Inter to be treated differently from the other clubs. I just want fair treatment and I demand that it is the same for all the other teams."


Friday, 30 January 2004 19:59:52
MILAN - Giacinto Facchetti spoke to journalists at the club's headquarters in via Durini after being named Inter president:

So will you often be in Appiano Gentile?
"I will see the team on the eves of matches and if need be also during the week. There's already Marco Branca in Appiano Gentile."

Will you retain your international duties?
"Yes. My international duties are roles of great prestige."

Have you heard from Massimo Moratti? Did you say anything in particular to each other?
"Yes, I saw him today. We hear from each other every day so there was nothing in particular to say."

What will you ask of the team?
"I will ask the team to show grit, determination and character from the first to the last minute. Only in this way is it possible to reach certain results."

Will you concentrate on the cups or do you still have a chance in the championship?
"In the Serie A we're far off the lead and we have to take things day by day, by trying to get results match after match. There are knockout rounds in the cups and we'll have to try and get through each time."

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