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german squad in dissaray!

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i heard that the squad is facing lots of problems concerning the problems..
jeremies said the morale is very low
and a few players are threatening to bow out from international duty..
haessler, effenberg,jeremies,etc...

but is there any promising youngsters coming in right now!?/i know there ain't many..but there should at least be a few i guess...

BTW,which is the german 1st team right now!??
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Bayer 04 Leverkusen is the team in pole position in Germany right now.

You are right, team Germany is facing lots of problems right now. Jens Jeremies announced publicly that he has the opinion that the German national team played awfully in the recent games. Erich Ribbeck then banned Jeremies for next game (the friendly against Switzerland). But FC Bayern team mates Markus Babbel and Stefan Effenberg backed Jens Jeremies - lots of problems are coming up.
Jens Jeremies will not quit the national team:
Stefan Effenberg hast left it one year ago.
Thomas Hässler announced that he will quit the national team, when he is not invited to the German national team soon.

The number of promising youth players at the moment is very low. But Hertha BSC's Sebastian Deisler (20) and Leverkusen's Michael Ballack (23) made it to the first team against Croatia, and are almost certainly heading for Belgium and the Netherlands in June.
Yes, Lars Ricken is still at Dortmund.
But Team Germany now looks like this:
Erich Ribbeck tried a 3-4-3 for several matches, but he changed towards a 3-5-2 for the recent tie with Croatia, and I think that this will also be the system for Euro 2000! This 3-5-2 will probably include the following players:

Babbel - Matthäus - Nowotny
Deisler - Jeremies - Scholl (Wosz) - Hamann - Ziege
Bierhoff - Kirsten
Michael Ballack has been added to the national team only for the recent draw with Croatia, which was only his second international game. But recently he was really impressing in the Bundesliga with Bayer Leverkusen and I think he will be part of Erich Ribbeck's side at Euro 2000.

The thing about Matthäus is that:
Ribbeck plays with 3-5-2, this means in defense we have two centerbacks and one Libero. Quality players like Christian Wörns, Markus Babbel or Thomas Linke are centerbacks. But there are few players in Germany that could effectively play the Libero position. One is Jens Jeremies (Matthäus' successor on the Libero position at FC Bayern), but he is more effective in the defensive midfield. The other one is Leverkusen's Jens Nowotny, but he is better on the centerback position.
So there are few alternatives - and Lothar showed brilliant football in his last year for FC Bayern München, so Ribbeck's decision to take Lothar Matthäus (39!!) to Euro 2000 was a no-brainer.

As I mentioned before, Christian Wörns is no possibility for the Matthäus position, but he isn't even in the first team as centerback! This has two reasons: At first he played awfully for Germany at the Confederations Cup last July. He was one of the weakest players for a very weak German national team (0-3 vs. USA!!). Everyone saw, that he completely lacked of motivation to play for Germany.
The second thing is the recent slump of Borussia Dortmund. They didn't won a single game out of the last 11, they even lost the last 6 games. Dortmund, the team with (I suppose) the highest or the second-highest payroll in the league, with stars like Ikpeba, Wörns, Möller, Lehmann, Bobic or Evanilson are now just one point away from the relegation zone!
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Matthias Sammer himself always says, that he plans to come back and play for Borussia Dortmund in the future. But I think the chance is 1 to 1,000,000 that he will come back. Since Thursday, he is one of the assistant coaches of Udo Lattek, the new coach of Borussia Dortmund. And I think, there is a good chance to see Sammer as head coach of Borussia Dortmund in the next season (either in the first or the second division :))

For Erich Ribbeck, Bierhoff is one of the seeded players in the team. But I think, it's time to kick him out. Kirsten and Rink perform very well at Leverkusen - Bierhoff has lost his first team place at AC Milan and was benched by Zaccheroni for the recent games!
I'm not sure, but I think Matthias Sammer's last match was in late 1997. Since that time, Sammer never gave up his aim: To return to the Bundesliga as a player!
This season, Markus Babbel is playing like he did the seasons before. Not brilliant, but solid. So he will probably start alongside Jens Nowotny in Germany's central defence. The backups on that position will probably be Thomas Linke and Christian Wörns.
Driver X, I don't exactly know what you mean! The last time, Beckenbauer said sonmething negative about the German football was about one year ago at German TV station DSF: He said there, that the German team that won the World cup in 1974 would win about 5-0 against the team of our days, even if the 1974 team would play barefoot! But since then, Beckenbauer didn't say anything negative about Ribbeck or the German team. He even backed Ribbeck for his decision to suspend Jeremies for the game against Switzerland next Wednesday!

Comparing Jeremies with Sammer would be a big mistake. Some people have even compared him with the young Lothar Matthäus - an even bigger mistake! Sammer and Matthäus were world class players, Jeremies is only a better player in a very weak German national team.
It is true that there's a lot of pressure on Jeremies at the moment - not so much at the national team but at FC Bayern. Jeremies is the guy who replaced Matthäus on the Libero position. And since Matthäus is in the US and Jeremies plays Libero, the FC Bayern defense is way worse than before.
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That's one thing I don't understand as well. Sammer and Matthäus were players with real playmaking skills who should have played in midfield. But on the other hand, things went very well at Euro 96, didn't they?

Jeremies now plays most time on the libero position for FC Bayern. But in the game vs. FC Porto on Wednesday, Jens Jeremies played in midfield, because Hitzfeld played with four men in defense with Babbel, Linke, Andersson and Tarnat.
In the national team, Jeremies isn't a candidate for the libero position - Matthäus is seeded there. Jeremies regularly plays in a defensive midfield position.
I consider Patrik Andersson as FC Bayern's best defender, and together with Jens Nowotny and Robert Kovac as the best Bundesliga defender! Kuffour has great skills, but he is a bit too clumsy to be a great defender. In the last time, Kuffour gets a red card in every second game!

But Hitzfeld tried Kuffour on the left wing back position in the meaningless last game of the second stage of the Champions League against Dynamo Kyiv, and on that position, I think, he showed the his best football ever!
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