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Geovanni is back

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Geovanni, still Geovanni, Geovanni 25 yards out...GOAAAAAALLLLL!!!!! HULL ARE LEVEL AT THE EMIRATES!

Four minutes later and Hull had scored a winner in EPL's biggest upset of the season. Amazingly, Arsenal had led before succumbing to the 2-1 defeat. A combination of converting sparse chances and being quick to pressurise Arsenal's ballplayers, often forcing them inside into a congested defensive zone, saw Hull victorious. Meanwhile, The Gunners squandered several opportunities, were unlucky with several tremendous long range efforts, stood off Geovanni and conceded their third goal from a corner this season. Questions are being asked about the height of their centre-backs, and the form of Kolo Toure.

Geovanni is a player with obvious creative skill, especially in the long-ball department, so much so that Barcelona paid over $20 million for him in 2001. But failing to settle at the Camp Nou, he was released on a free, as he was this summer by Manchester City. The boy from Brazil seems to have found home in the unlikeliest of places -- an isolated and fading port city on England's cold North Sea coast.

We are pleased for him, for Hull, and to have witnessed Arsenal lose at home to unfashionable opposition. There's something irksome about a crowd that expects victories and becomes irritated when they're not delivered. And that's not a tangential Yankees reference.
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