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GEO...dont go!!!!

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Listen now!!!
We all talk s** about Geo, but dont forget how good he is!!!
Dont forget what imortant goals he scored for us!!!

I really hope that he´ll stay with us!!!!!
Georgatos forever!!!!!!!
What do you think????
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Don´t look back in anger.

The big mean grecce machine has feelings. Some for Inter, but the strongest is for going home. I like Geo, he strted the season very well, like A rocket in the left. But something happend, not only injuries, far away. No, he missed he´s home. And we are gonna show him respect. Players are not robots. They are humans, maybe more human then we supportes are sometimes. Dont be hard on him. We are not winning any matches with anger. Look forward, Take care of our players, and maybe they dont miss their homes so much. Im sure he is leaving. He´s family is not moving to milano. We cant do anything but looking ahead to the future, lets move on with style!!!!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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