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Good day to all,

i'm a supporter of the Genoa Cricket and Football club, in Genova,the oldest football club in Italy. The club was founded in
1893 by Sir James Spensley, a Briton who was working there at the time.
In the early years of its life, Genoa CFC was one of the strongest and most admired clubs in the country, winning the league 9 times, the time in 1924.
The trophy cabinet includes also a Coppa Italia ( national Cup ) in 1937 and two wins in the Coppa delle Alpi ( 1962 and 1964 ). After a long spell of mediocre results,
Genoa CFC came back to prominence in 1991, gaining
access for the first time to the UEFA cup.
Genoa's adventure in the Cup culminated with an historic
win by 2-1 in Liverpool, the first ever achieved by an Italian team at Anfield Road.
Throughout its history, Genoa CFC has retained a loyal
and incredibly passionate supporters base, now headed by the Ottavio Barbieri group.
Genoa's supporters are famous for preparing stunning
choreographs, especially when playing against local rivals
Sampdoria, and also for their humanitarian initiatives. Only a few months back, they organised a testimonial match for Gianluca Signorini, the team's captain in that magic night at Anfield Road. Signorini is now wheelchair-bound by LSA (Lateral Amyotrophic Sclerosis ), and the match, the first ever charity match organised by supporters in Italy, raised a lot of money to fight this terrible disease.
Now Ottavio Barbieri and all Genoa fans have another fight in hand, to preserve the Luigi Ferraris stadium, where Genoa CFC
plays. The stadium was first built in the 1920s by Genoa CFC members, passed under the local council administration after WWII, and was entirely rebuilt for the World Cup in 1990. The hard core Genoa fans follow the match from the Gradinata Nord, the North Stand, put up back in the 1920s to defend spectators
from the cold northern wind that blows in Genova.
The Gradinata Nord and the whole stadium are an historic place for Italian football, home of the oldest team and theatre of some
epic feats of sport.
And, unlike many stadia in Italy, the Luigi Ferraris, from the name of a famous Genoa player of 1910s, has no athletics track
around the pitch, putting supporters very close to the action, and
giving the place a unique atmosphere ( whoever has seen one of the local derbies against Sampdoria will readily testify to that ).

Now all this is in danger. A local oil baron has just launched a plan to demolish the Luigi Ferraris, and deprive Genoa CFC of
its historic home.
According to the plan, a new stadium will be built in a suburb of the city, together with entertainment facilities. The stadium
should become the home of the Genova's second team, Sampdoria, but as such it won't be viable, because of the smaller supporters' base of this team.
Hence the plan.
Mr.Garrone, the name of the oil baron, appears to have
already made some underground moves to convince the local council to get rid of the old Luigi Ferraris stadium. With no homeground, Genoa CFC will be forced to play in the new stadium, thus providing the vital revenue Mr. Garrone's project
It would be akin to asking Manchester United to knock down Old
Trafford, or Barcelona to give up the Camp Nou.
Such is the arrogance of this individual that he is now appearing on a regular basis on TV, talking as if the plan had already been approved by the authorities, and as if the destiny of the Luigi
Ferraris stadium had already been decided. This is despite the fact that the Luigi Ferraris is public property, and the vast ajority of the Genova population are against its demolition.

To fight against this plan, Ottavio Barbieri and all Genoa CFC fans
have launched another initiative, and once again it's something that has never been done before. This Sunday, January 20th, before the match against Pistoiese, a human chain will encircle the perimeter of the Luigi Ferraris stadium. Standing hand in hand, Genoa CFC fans will demonstrate in a very firm but pacific way, that they won't allow anyone to touch the historic Luigi Ferraris stadium.
We really hope this initiative will get the support it deserves from
genuine football fans from all around the world.

This is Genoa and its supporters. Thank for your attention, if someone wants to talk with us you can find us in our wonderful site www.grifoni.net, and there you can leave your message on our wall (MURO).
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