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agree with Gattuso 100% and he is right many refree damage
the game and eat teams affort . glad Gattuso say that espacialy about what
happend in milan game with juve last saturday
. Gattuso is brave and honest . Here is what he said

MILAN - The talk in Il Giornale is of Rino Gattuso, who said: 'The players must speak about the theme of referees. There is too much fear. We can't maintain that everything is going well in Italian football. There are too many games full of referee mistakes, some of them even being faked, but I don't want to only charge the referees. Even they are affected, in their part. Anyone who does not officiate loses 4-5 thousand euro. The problem is different: we have sophisticated technology, we must use it to reduce the mistakes and help the credibility of football, which is now almost down to zero.'
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