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Joan Gaspart has beaten Lluis Bassat to the finish line in the presidency of Barcelona!
Gaspart received 54.8% of the votes; while Bassat received 43.1% of the votes.

This has been a surprise since Bassat said he was almost sure of his win this Sunday. And it surprised me, because I was going for Bassat. I had already in mind the great thought of Zidane and Aimar in Barcelona.

But well, I guess Gaspart won for a reason.
I wish him the best; and I hope he will bring lots of prosperity to Barcelona.
Now we'll see how the new signings Gaspart promised helps the team, and see what will happen with Figo and Real Madrid.

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I think most of the promises will be broken.

If he buys Overmars, then there is no way Wenger would let Petit go to.

And what is really going on with Figo ??

There are to much sh!t happening in the football world right now.

to many rumors, to many transfers.

And I blame the agents, damn those gold diggers

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This is our new president:

From http://www.onefootball.com

PROFILE How Gaspart's dream came true
Monday 24th July 2000

Barcelona’s new president Joan Gaspart promised passion and "a new style of presidency" and admitted that he would "die for Barcelona" after defeating Lluis Bassat in Sunday’s elections.

The Catalan club’s 34th president in 101 years wasted no time in offering an olive branch to his rival, offering Bassat a place on the new board – but he was rejected.

Gaspart, who almost polled the highest number of votes in any election, has been a part of previous incumbent Josep-Lluis Nunez’s board for 22 years. In recent years he has been vice-president.

There were worries that with a background in such an established regime, Gaspart would continue with the old way during his five-year term. But the 55-year-old managing director of hotel chain HUSA admitted he was prepared to ring the changes immediately.

"My aim is that nobody feels marginalised from this great family, starting with Bassat and finishing with the last of the members who didn’t support me," he said.

There is no doubt that Gaspart’s undoubted passion for Barcelona helped him in his campaign. After all, he is a man who famously claimed the most polite person he could find in the directors’ box at the Bernabeu, home of fierce rivals Real Madrid, was the toilet-cleaner.

In 1992, before facing Sampdoria at Wembley in the European Cup final, Gaspart promised to swim in London’s River Thames if Barcelona won. They lifted the trophy, and – complete in ‘Azulgrana’ shirt – Gaspart swam.

As a season-ticket holder for 40 years, and one of the most well-known faces in Catalonia because of his regular media appearances, there is no danger of Gaspart keeping a low profile. Except, perhaps, in the final stages of big games – such is the father-of-five’s nervous disposition, he regularly leaves the directors’ box because he cannot bear to watch.

The legacy of Nunez’s 22-year reign will continue under Gaspart, despite his promise of "a new style of presidency". One thing no-one can accuse him of is lack of affection for the club.

He said after the win: "I want to thank everyone for the effort they've made especially my wife Marita Bueno and campaign manager Anton Parera because it's only through him that I’ve managed to reach all the supporters. This is one of the happiest days of my life.

"I will work based on a respect for the past, but today a new era begins, a new style and a new message coming out of Barcelona."

Bassat was dignified in defeat but sounded a warning that Gaspart will do well to heed: "I hope Gaspart is ready to bring about this era of change," he said.

"I hope he realises that almost 20,000 members want change and I trust that he will be capable of providing it. He mustn't be merely president for those who voted for continuity, but for all. I hope the new board brings us titles, trophies and most importantly, unity."

Team captain and club member Pep Guardiola added: "In a democratic act like this, the participation of the greatest number of people possible is always important. People are more willing to do so than on other occasions and that's good."

Bassat is right, unity will be very important right now, cause we have a lot of things to take care of.
First of all, we´ll see what happens with Luis Figo. Gaspart said he will see what can be done in order to keep him. Personally, I don´t think there can´t be much done anymore, now the press is reporting about Figo passing a medical in Madrid. :(
So probably the main concern for Gaspart will be which players to buy. From the guys he mentioned, he should keep negotiating with De La Pena (someone who really loves this club, MR.FIGO!:mad: ) and Alfonso.
I´m not very keen on Petit and Overmars, I would be more happy to see guys like Bassat or Beguiristain talking with Aimar or Zidane.
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